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Are We are God's Side?

  • Broadcast in Education



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During World War II, it was noted that everyone thought God was on their side.  Abraham Lincoln said it right, "I trust God is on our side.  But it is more important to know that we are on God's side?"

Which side is God's side?  This question would have been elementary 100 years ago.  Everyone had a good idea of right and wrong.  It was right to believe in God.  It was right to go to church.  It was right not to cuss and swear.  It was right to honor our parents.  It was right not to steal.  It was right not to commit murder.  It was right not to Lie.  It was not right to covet someone else's property.  It was not right to commit adultery.  

Today, we wonder what happened to what's right?  What changed society's opinion of right and wrong?

If you go to Asia, right and wrong, honor and dishonor are still a huge part of their society.  This is why I like to watch Korean Dramas.  They are still producing dramas that exemplify morality, right and wrong in families and in the society.

There are two places in our society where it is easier to distinguish who's side we are on - on the battlefield and in the hospital on a sick bed. 

Let's not get to that point, but let's make a decision now, to be on God's side.