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Wake Up - Sound the Alarm

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We as a nation are asleep at the helm.  While other nations are prospering, America is falling behind.  Oh yes, the GNP may be up and the corporate heads are applauding their bottom lines, while the nation's infrastructure is falling apart.

It doesn't matter to them, because their permanent residence may be in Switzerland, France or Italy rather in America.

The blessings on our nation were as a result of god-fearing men and women who made common sense laws that protected the innocent, protected our children from evil, and protected our citizens with the Bill of Rights.

Today, the innocent are aborted.  Our children can buy drugs in schools and our citizen's rights are being eroded.

Yes, we can just complain.  But November 2014, we can also do something!  We must elect men and women to office regardless of parties, based on their moral belief in our constitution, bill of rights and biblical and moral values.

If we do not, our nation will continue to be drained by laws that protect big corporate businesses.  Notice that the bail outs went to the corporations.  The homeowners got evicted from their homes.  The bail out of the corporations and securities and banks could have saved 100% of the foreclosures in America by forgiving their debt and reinstituting a new mortgage policy that would give everyone A SECOND CHANCE.

But that did not happen and thousands of good people LOST their homes and their retirement incomes.

It took more than 30 years of bad policy and it cannot be repaired overnight.  The start however, is at every level of society we bring common sense and moral values back.  We vote based on biblical and moral principles and for men and women who are willing to die for the Constiution and Bill of Rights. 

Where are the Patrick Henry's and black robe clergy of yester year?