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K-Drama Review Night of the Watchman

  • Broadcast in Education



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This is a very interesting drama.  I'm not sure the historic significance or whether is is from someone's imagination.

However, the spiritual consequences are very real in a sense of possession, afterlife, good and evil.

The story involves a power struggle of a Shaman named Sadam.  Very interesting that they would choose that name.

Sadam in arabic is "one who confronts" or a "powerful collider."  

There are so many interesting parallels such as the powerful god the Shaman Sadam is trying to reinvigorate is a dragon that wants to go back to heaven.

There are other scenes where good people suddenly turn vicious when an evil spirit enters their body.

Finally there are scenes of ghosts walking around good and evil plus a place where good people go when they die.

So far it has not shown a place where evil people go however, it is assumed that in the end evil will lose and good will win.

We can draw a modern parallel to this story that people today are going to be divided into two camps.  Good people and Not good people.  People who sincerely care about their fellow human being.  And the others who simply care about themselves.

One nice thing that we encountered in our recent visit to Seoul, was that there are so many good people in this nation who demand that the shows that Korean Media and Movie makers produce are moral in it's foundation.  When things get too out of hand, the people make a noise, comments and reviews and things do change.

Good for Korea and Good for the next generation.