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subliminally speaking

subliminally speaking


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Subliminally Speaking is dedicated to bringing you thirty minutes of ACTION packed topics that will enrich your mind, body, and soul. We're dedicated to given you facts and topics that you wouldn't otherwise hear locally on the News, Cable, or the Internet. Subliminally Speaking will continue to expose the Manipulation of this Society through Media, Radio, Newspapers, and Television. Subliminally Speaking is continuously studying to show ourselves approved and generously given you "meat and potatoes" for the advancement of SELF and well-being. We have an open call policy and welcome all guest, listeners, and callers to join our platform as we intend to reach and teach the masses. We also welcome underground ARTIST who have a message in their music. We would love to feature your track on our show and help promote your music, single, upcoming album, or label. Subliminally Speaking will continue to speak truth to POWER and connect the dots for the betterment of our people and humanity. Tune in every other Tuesday at 11:00PM to 11:30PM as we go in on issues that are deemed necessary to be brought to the forefront. Feel free to Roll with us on Facebook and catch our catalog in our archives on blogtalkradio.com/subliminally-speaking. Peace & Love… Love is Love!

On-Demand Episodes

Subliminally Speaking will discuss current events and why the Media blockage of Occupy Wall Street Protest. Update with Libya and Muammar Gaddafi, the speech on Harlem, and why we must tune into self. Mind, Body and Soul are at... more

Subliminally Speaking will explore the events surrounding the case of Troy Davis and then you decide if we should all watch and bare witness to the execution of yet another innocent man. How long will we continue to sit back and let this... more

Subliminally Speaking will be digging deep into this INFLUENTIAL Brother the world knows as Tupac Shakur. The most IMPACTFUL and influential soul in the 21st Century. Through his poetry and gift of story telling he brought LIGHT... more

Subliminally Speaking goes back into the relationship realm to reveal some serious issues and situations many face in their relationship and or marriage. Can a relationship or marriage recover from misery, disrespect, and disconnect?... more

This is the 1yr anniversary of Subliminally Speaking. We want to dedicate this shot to the 1st Amendment. Freedom of Speech Press and Expression. Tonight we will be taking issue with not being able to express Freedom of Speech...

Is a man intimidated by his women, significant other or wife making more money??

This is going to be a THREE part series of unlocking the forbidden conversation about Relationships, Commitments, and Marriage. Subliminally Speaking will dig deep into some questions and situations that are overlooked in... more

Subliminally Speaking is back on the scene with real facts and observation of what's what & whose who & what you should be doing for these days ahead of you. Tune into our show and share with your friends and family. This show is a... more

Subliminally Speaking is going in on the current events, topics, gas prices, rituals and what to expect to see and hear from the media. In this day and time its imperative to Study to Show thy self approved. To identify distractions, and to... more

Why would The President of The United State Corporation bomb Africa?? A Kenya native would turn his back on this own soil?? What does that mean for you? How and why does this Corporation move the way they do in destabilizing... more