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Talkshow on issues surfacing and affecting the Hmong community, educate Hmong communities on the daily change in educations, laws, business, and others... debate on issues that controversial and promote Hmong entertainment... Kev sib tham txog tswv yim thiab kev pom txog tej yam zoo thiab tsis zoo rau ntawm haiv neeg Hmoob nrog rau kev qhia txog tej yam xov xwm tshiab uas raug rau tsev neeg Hmoob. Txhawm txog kev lom zem thiab lwm yam.

On-Demand Episodes


Richard Wanglue LIVE with Arron Vang and Atary Xiong to talk about the latest development of General Vang Pao.

Richard Wanglue and Victor Vaj will live update you today Hmong International New Year 2010 - 2011.

Richard Wanglue and Victor Vaj will bring you update the results of Hmong International New Year.

Colonel Wayee Vang, President of the Lao Veterans of America, City of Fresno, CA will be here to talk about Congress H R 5879 and the future goals of Lao Veterans of America.

Suab Hmong Radio Entertainment special edition HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to every one around the world. Special Richard Wanglue two new songs debut on the Suab Hmong Radio Entertainment titled "Xyoo Tshiab" and "Nco... more

Victor M. Vaj LIVE Talkshow with Pakou Lee, second runner up Miss Hmong Wisconsin 2011, and talked about Leadership in general in the Hmong community.

Richard Wanglue LIVE with Tsengzong Yang to talk about the programming on the Longcheng Radio. Longcheng radio is a call-in conference radio that allow any one to call in on his/her phone to participate in the radio program.

Suab Hmong Exclusive Coverage on 2011 Hmong Milwaukee New Year Celebration. Interviewed with pass Miss Hmong Milwaukee Pageants, with Cheinkao Yang, Chairman of Hmong Milwaukee New Year, and 2011 Miss... more

Victor M. Vaj regular TalkShow: Talked about Milwaukee Hmong New Year, Hmong new movie Vaj Tuam Thawj, and more...

Richard Wanglue Vang interviewed Cheinkao Yang, Chair of Hmong Milwaukee New Year, on what will be coming up for the 2011 Hmong Milwaukee New Year Celebration on December 11 and 12, 2010.