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Talkshow on issues surfacing and affecting the Hmong community, educate Hmong communities on the daily change in educations, laws, business, and others... debate on issues that controversial and promote Hmong entertainment... Kev sib tham txog tswv yim thiab kev pom txog tej yam zoo thiab tsis zoo rau ntawm haiv neeg Hmoob nrog rau kev qhia txog tej yam xov xwm tshiab uas raug rau tsev neeg Hmoob. Txhawm txog kev lom zem thiab lwm yam.

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Any issues

Why GVP's death touched many Hmong's hearts? Does GVP's death affect Hmong lives?

Farewell to General Vang Pao, final night.

LIVE from Fresno, CA on funeral service for General Vang Pao day 3

LIVE from Fresno, CA with Suab Hmong Radio on funeral services for General Vang Pao.

I will bring you up to date on General Vang Pao's funeral services from Fresno California with Richard Wanglue and other topics that you might have already heard but don't care or forgot to entertain you.

I will be discussing many interesting topics tonight.

Exclusive a panel discussion with Houa Vang, Hmong Woman Representor, Yer T. Yang, Vice President of Hmong 18 Clan Council, and Johny Ly, Hmong young generation to discuss about the legacy of Hmong International Leader General... more

I will talk about choosing your Tax Preparer, dateline to file your tax, why we have to file Income Tax where it came from? Wisconsin conceal gun bill and debts forgiveness. An article written by Julia Plevin about Hmong here in US and in... more

ZaBlong Vang, Hmong Wisconsin Leader, send his words to Hmong around the world regards to Gen. Vang Pao.