the stylings of donna

the stylings of donna


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Meet Donna

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Hi, I'm Donna, yOur host for Star Word Radio 

Thank you for joining me, again. We've had a tremendous response, and it's this kind of togetherness amoung people that attracts me to stay and continue working with those who care about tomorrow and what will come of our planet.

Economy, Elections, Propoganda, Life... Stress... it all builds up.

This is a way to let some of that stress out. Sharing and unlearning, then changing the way we handle our emotional and physical abuses. Soul warriors talking to each other about how they survived some of life's most traumatic events, and still remain healthy, happy and in Love today.

This segment is to formally introduce Donna to those who may not already know her, or what she's to accomplish. A warm welcome and brief background presentation of her own life, career and near-death experience. Moving on, she developed into her other senses and "gifts" to become a healer of others, through Reiki and Crystal Therapy. However, the death toll still rings higher and the people are still searching for ways to find releif, when none exists truly, except for that which we find within ourselves.

Donna's goal is to share and offer suggestions and alternative healing approaches we can take for relief from many common dis-eases and traumas. Catching each manifesting thought and changing it into the creative power for the lives we truly want to live, and not the ones that neglect and mis-guidance has placed upon us.  


Alternative Healing