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Love Trance-fer Donna

TUES Oct 16 - So often we hide our hunger, our pain and our needs from others. We think this is what gives the strong appearance of having it all together. Maybe it does, but probably not. Our nation's seems are busting with the starving, the hopeless and the orphans.

This physical world manifestation of lack, poverty, famine and war, is the creation of what goes on in our spirit world. As above, so below...

So what is, "below" ... of the spirit world that we cannot see? What or who are the orphans of mortality that roam the earth without a body? Possession has been a topic of debate and wonder for centuries. Who are these body snatchers?

We'll be digging into our sowing kit on Tuesday, with Co-Host, Johnny G. Here to share stories of 1st hand experiences with the unseen spirits that try to take over our bodies.

Is there a connection between the two? Come and join us in the conversation of people, spirits and demons, and let's practice living... Together on Star Word.