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Stupid America

Stupid America


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Topic: Open Topic Tuesday Guns, yes we talk about that Obama, yes we will talk Economy, ya

Yes, SIx is onboard with us tonight, no, she will not make you a sammich.


Open Topic such as Christopher Dorner being burned alive/killed/whatever Is Due Process Dead?

WHY WATCH THE STATE OF THE UNION?! Tonight a full hour with Sunny from House of Sunny on YouTube.

Topic: Are we gunna talk about the EX cop that likes liberals, Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, and shooting other cops.. yes we are Why cannot I get my upper receiver for my AR lowers receiver... SUPPLY AND DEMAND... our government... more

Six will drop by tonight after I begged like a sissy; the pity she took on me was pathetic! A little on gun control A dash of irratating Liberalism an ounce of Super Bowl an smidgen of Ron Paul and much much more

Tonight's Topics: Sneaky gun control, Hillary claims Benghazi is Bush's fault, Chicago crime, Leftist religious hypocrisy, VA giving up veterans to NCIS & other stuff.

Day jobs kept us busy. Tonight's topics: current events with EJ from EJ and the Bear.

Tonight's topics include proposed gun bans by communist gun-grabbers Senator Diane Feinstein & Missouri Democratic State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal. Also, Hillary Clinton's BS Benghazi testimony, Van Jones on Obama being a... more