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Join us tonite at 8pm Eastern Time to listen to a broadcast followed by live discussion with Leslie Brill, the mother of Amanda Weincowski. On Januuary 9, 2009, the body of Amanda Wienckowski was discovered naked and upside down in a garbage tote across the street from the residence of Antoine J. Garner, where she had gone to provide sexual services. Antoine Garner (not charged in her death) has been a person of interest to the Buffalo Police. The initial Eerie County Medical Examiners Report stated she died of a drug overdose. However, retired Buffalo Homiced Detective "Mark J. Lauber " is breaking his silence and has come out to say that he believes the most likely scenario was that a large person accidentally choked the petite, 20-year-old Kenmore woman during a paid sexual encounter. The medical examiner toxicologist was notified and said that he agreed with the detective but no other cause was found. Wienckowski's family sought the assistance of attorney Steven M. Cohen of the Amherst law firm Hogan Willig and had a second autopsy done by a West Coast pathologist who concluded that Wienckowski's cause of death was strangulation. Read more here: Make a pledge to the Amanda Weincowski case here: This show sponsored by Studemtsforabetterfuture.Com
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Who is Amanda Wienckowski? On Januuary 9, 2009, the body of Amanda Wienckowski was discovered naked and upside down in a garbage tote across the street from the residence of Antoine J. Garner, where she had gone... more

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