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"It seems that the more the government tries to get involved in ?fixing? the economy, the worse it gets. They print money, create regulations that result in artificial bubbles like the housing market, and pick corporate winners and losers. Government bureaucrats should not decide how you or I spend our time and money. If they really want to help the economy improve, they should focus on making regulations predictable and uncomplicated, simplifying the tax code, and letting businesses stand or fail on their own merit. " (Wendy Lynn Day) Tonight, Wendy Lynn Day (Republican Candidate District 47 MI, House of Repressentatives, MI) will join us in discussing hot bedded isuues of your taxes, common core, jobs healthcare and more. To find out more on Wendy Lynn day go here: This show sponsored by Students For a Better Future. Subscribe to our tv here:
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"I believe in a world-class, locally controlled curriculum, with a community-based, fiscally responsible, equal-opportunity education system for each and every public school student. I will be an advocate for teachers and a champion for student... more

Where do you see yourself in 2 yars? Four years? Will you have more money in your pocket if you have worked hard for it? Will it be less? Do you vote for people solly on their ideology-or the best person for the job? Join us tonight... more

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which... more

Tonite we are going to discuss what maybe the "freebies" given to to students in the public education system. Recently, students in the 9nth grade of the Parsippany District were given ipads. One of the reasons behind the iPad... more

It is well known that Politics is a chess game. Who ever plays this game well comes out like a winner both at playing chess and at politics. There are some fine examples of this besides our current poltical state in history which include the... more

Kim Thatcher is a member of the Oregon House of Representatives and of the Republican Party. She represents Keizer from the 25th district. She is owner of the highway construction firm KT Contracting and is a critic of the Oregon... more

Who is Michelle Prescott? Well, she is a homeschool mom and the founder andPresident of American Gun Rights. ( They have 50 state chapters that work hard to help educate and inform about our rights,... more

Kim Thatcher is a member of the Oregon House of Representatives. She is a member of the Republican party representing Keizer from the 25th district. She is owner of the highway construction firm KT Contracting and is a critic of the... more

Join us tonite as it is (Primary) election day in some states. We will have all the results, and we will be joined by Candidate for Governor, Robert Newman (CA). He will be sharing with us some strategy on how we can bring down the... more