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He's BACK! Do you remember the Duke Lacrosse Case? It was one of former -acting DA Mike Nifongs handling -or mishandling shall we say. The case -in short involves Crystal Mangum, who was hired by the Lacrosse team to dance one night. She became drunk, passed out and was found with marks n her body. However, those marks were not from anyone on the Lacrosse team as the DNA has proved - they were from (others). Acting DA- Mike Nifong chose to withhold the evidence from the defense which could have put three boys (Collin Finnerty, Dave Evans, and Reade Slegiman) behind bars. DA Mike Nifong ( a registered Democrat) was running for the office of DA at the time. During the case, Nifong played to his base by inciting race and class. Because he withhelld exculpulary evidence, he was disbarred and removed from office. The boys were set free and filed for civil charges. The three went on to form the "Innocence Project." Crystal Mangum (the Dancer) went on to murder her boyfriend Reginald Daye in 2011. She now sits in jail for 14 years. Hosts: Cisco Acosta and Doreen La Guardia Sponsor Studentsforabetterfuture.com
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