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Host Dr. Danita Applewhite discusses ways Adult Students, including Veterans,can effectively manage disability, pain, learning and motivation issues, and rehabilitation from emotional challenges. HEAR "down to earth" controversial discussions, and success stories with professionals in education, health care (mental and physical), and employment that will improve success at school and work! The Student2Teacher radio talk show is about Learning and Teaching others! Your tax deductible DONATIONS at help pay operating costs and keep this show going.

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Many students and teachers feel they are unable to give any more of themselves after dealing with a major crisis that affects their mental and physical self, or those close to them. What makes the difference in the person who achieves... more

Let's discuss the ?label of disabled? and what this really means to the millions of people around the world, specifically Veterans in America, with disabilities. How much can you accomplish at school and work with your present mental and/or... more

You are invited to participate in our discussion about the pitfalls that can cause many of us to lose our focus on life's journey. Losing focus can result in poor attendance at work and school. This can also lead to burn-out and drop-out from... more

Most of us have dealt with being ill, maybe a temporary or permanent disability, or loss of a loved one while trying to maintain job and school schedules. The feelings of hopelessness, frustration and so more can be overwhelming. There... more

No one argue that our basic needs must be taken care first before we can make decisions! This is the first value every person recognizes. It is more complicated when we must provide the basic needs for another, especially our children or... more

How do your values play a part in your decision to stay in a college program, or in the workforce, or to succeed in life, overall? It is so important that we look at what things form our values from the parents we are born to, our... more

Many of us are familiar with goal setting and the importance of writing them down to review as often as possible. However, we must remind ourselves that we develop our goals around what we value. We prioritize our goals based on what... more

Many of us are afraid of change that we have no control of even when we know it is going to happen, every second to everyone. However, we become even more afraid when we make the choice to change our present life course by entering... more

The staff of White Apple Institute wants you to be well prepared for the changes that will happen in your life. The future ahead may include a return to college a vocational program, or a job training program and these changes will come with... more

True change only happens when we are ready to make the move. Anyone who has been challenged by addictions (i.e. food, sex/romance, drugs, etc), or working at a job or degree that will tell you that all the begging or complaining is... more
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