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Host Dr. Danita Applewhite, discusses "down to earth" issues and success stories with Adult Learners, Teachers, Employers Student Veterans, and Employees about managing disabilities and/or emotional challenges for success at school and work.

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This Saturday episode Professor Applewhite and the White Apple Institute staff will discuss how basic needs, personal characteristics, genes, cultural and internal environment, and skills influence our behavior.Invited guests will share their... more

Professor Applewhite, staff, and invited guests welcome listeners to share their views about self-image and how we relate to others. We are all students and teachers at various times in our lives and we improve ourselves when teaching... more

Listen to great techniques about how to keep a job and successful interviewing.

The concepts of “illness mentality versus a wellness mentality” and Self-Pity are overviewed in Part Three of three. Professor Applewhite and the team at White Apple Institute ask teachers, students, and invited guests to share... more

A continued discussion focused on persons who feel too disadvantaged or disabled to roll up their sleeves and contribute to their own family, strive for independence, and support their family. Join Professor Applewhite and over... more

This episode gives us an opportunity to evaluate our own habit of Self-Pity as it relates to being too ill to contribute to family and society. Professor Applewhite takes a very candid look at those who claim addiction, mental health... more

Repairing Our Illness Mentality – Part Five In preparation for her upcoming book, Professor Applewhite and the staff of White Apple Institute attempt to clarify the illness versus wellness mentality. This episode discusses the triggers that... more

Professor Applewhite and the staff of White Apple Institute share a very intense disussion about how “illness mentality” is a relief similar to an illusory escape from responsibilities and obligations to self and family. It may become a choice to... more

A continued discussion clarifying what illness mentality means. Are you sensitive to those who tell you they are ill very frequently? Or are you a person that feels ill constantly and hesitates to tell others because they may not believe you? So... more

Professor Applewhite and the loyal, volunteer staff of White Apple Institute share the meaning of illness and suffering with listeners. It is so encouraging to hear from so many who have overcome these situations by keeping their jobs,... more
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