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Host Dr. Danita Applewhite discusses ways Adult Students, including Veterans,can effectively manage disability, pain, learning and motivation issues, and rehabilitation from emotional challenges. HEAR "down to earth" controversial discussions, and success stories with professionals in education, health care (mental and physical), and employment that will improve success at school and work! The Student2Teacher radio talk show is about Learning and Teaching others! Your tax deductible DONATIONS at help pay operating costs and keep this show going.

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What do you hunger for? If you perceive yourself as ?dis-abled? it may be that you hunger to be ?–abled?. Have you any idea what it feels like to be ?really? hungry? The first thought that comes to mind when we speak about... more

The ?mind is a terrible thing to waste? was a slogan develop by the United Negro College Fund. It is critical for students and teachers to understand how the brain works differently from the mind and what it means to waste either one.... more

What a controversial thought! How can anyone think of giving thanks for someone being unemployed or underemployed in these times of ?economic recession? and ?corporate greed?. Students and teachers must use caution... more

What Do You Feed Your Mental Self? Part 1of 3 Most people are aware of the importance of feeding our physical bodies the right type of foods. Some of us are even familiar with the concept of spiritual food and claim to know what is... more

REMEMBERING THE GOOD TIMES FOR PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, AND SPIRITUAL SUCCESS Remembering special times can lead to healthy attitudes about our personal life. However, this same action can lead to success while... more

Labels or stereotypes placed on us in our educational systems carry the most weight in determining our success as adults in the workforce. We do have a choice as to whether we wear those labels that have followed us from pre-school... more

Unfortunately, many of us chose to accept the labels that others have placed on us somewhere in our lives. There are some labels we wear proudly and others that tear down our self-esteem. In many parts of the world we are labeled as... more

We hope to let others know that labels are necessary for organizing our world but the labels we place on others can fool us. We may think a label for a disability defines a person and find out they are nothing like what you thought. They... more

Review Professor Applewhite's 5 P formula for success to minimize stress and hear about helpful resources during the ?downtimes? for those unemployed or underemployed from their chosen career and/or job. There are not many... more

The problem of unemployment and underemployment is facing Americans and citizens of other countries. The media reports a global recession that is not painting a promising future. Hopelessness is being experienced by many with... more
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