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Host Dr. Danita Applewhite discusses ways Adult Students, including Veterans,can effectively manage disability, pain, learning and motivation issues, and rehabilitation from emotional challenges. HEAR "down to earth" controversial discussions, and success stories with professionals in education, health care (mental and physical), and employment that will improve success at school and work! The Student2Teacher radio talk show is about Learning and Teaching others! Your tax deductible DONATIONS at help pay operating costs and keep this show going.

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True change only happens when we are ready to make the move. Anyone who has been challenged by addictions (i.e. food, sex/romance, drugs, etc), or working at a job or degree that will tell you that all the begging or complaining is... more

Is it possible for someone else to empower you? Or motivate you do something you do not want to do? Many loved ones who care about a friend, student, or family member will try to make a change happen in another person without any... more

When you hear the term ?SPECIAL EDUCATION? what comes to your mind? Let's discuss why this term is used to describe a very unique niche or group in our academic systems, serviced as exceptional students. Listen carefully and... more

How do we know what sets us apart or is everyone called ?SPECIAL? but then what is special? Some of us hear our parents, teachers, employers, family, and friends tell us we are special, but it is not clear if we hear them tell other... more

Most of us have been told by someone, at some point in our lives, that we are ?SPECIAL?. We make a choice in that instant to believe what they are saying or to ignore the compliment. Our belief system will interpret what... more

Listening to this episode will help you prepare for an entry-level position in our global, high-tech workforce? Are you ready to become your own Personal Development Coordinator? Complete the remaining steps in the second phase:... more

You must listen to these episodes Part One & Two of preparing for the job opportunity of a lifetime. It is with the I AM Corporation, full benefit package, on the job training with rewards you cannot compare to any other position being... more

The staff of White Apple Institute (sponsor of the Student2Teacher radio show), are challenged by addressing all the questions/comments received by our Listeners about this new way of looking at ?drugs? and ?addiction?. Professor... more

Many Listeners are astonished about the new way the staff of White Apple Institute is presenting information about "drugs". It is critical that we continue examining how are own bodies and minds are designed to produce "drugs' so... more

Professor Applewhite and the staff of White Apple Institute share in a discussion about the impact of ALL drugs. The term "drugs" is explained by how we purchase them from the pharmacy,... more
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