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Host Dr. Danita Applewhite discusses ways Adult Students, including Veterans,can effectively manage disability, pain, learning and motivation issues, and rehabilitation from emotional challenges. HEAR "down to earth" controversial discussions, and success stories with professionals in education, health care (mental and physical), and employment that will improve success at school and work! The Student2Teacher radio talk show is about Learning and Teaching others! Your tax deductible DONATIONS at help pay operating costs and keep this show going.

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Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked and devalued groups of people are those with disabilities. In the USA, the most progressive country in the world, there is still great disparity in the treatment and access to school and work... more

This is the episode of the Student2Teacher radio show that must be shared with every adult student with a mental or physical disability, especially if they are Veterans! Most Americans who listen to the news are aware that there are... more

Students in classes from pre-school to graduate levels experience the impact of stress related to war, violence, and/or trauma. However, stress is subjective and all human beings react differently based on their genetic make-up,... more

Can a person with mental disabilities and emotional challenges achieve peak performance and develop as a transformational leader? There are too many people, including Veterans, assuming that they are unable to succeed at school... more

This re-broadcast is in memory of all the victims of senseless violence and suicide in the United States and other countries. Our sympathies are extended to the families of Robin Williams and millions more. This episode of the... more

The loss of time and wages is astronomical for sick leaves, as reported by educational institutions and employers. A major contributor is the delay in health care services and the documentation needed for excused sick leave. Hear Dr.... more

This show is focused on the discrimination found with student loan debt, financial aid, and the lack of accommodations promised at admission. Several students, Veterans, teachers, and supporters of White Apple Institute lead the discussion... more

The number of women veterans with disabilities has doubled in the last decade, specifically related to PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and MST (Military Sexual Trauma). Learn about possible discriminatory practices by joining Host... more

This show is dedicated to an exclusive interview with Dr. Will Moreland, founder of Will Moreland International, a military veteran and author of the critically acclaimed book Genius Potential. Known as America's #1 Leadership Life... more

Do you, or someone you know, experience any shame about your mental/learning disability at school or work? Unfortunately, the shame and embarrassment about any form of disability can be found in most ethnic groups. However, there is a... more
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