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Host Dr. Danita Applewhite, discusses "down to earth" issues and success stories with Adult Learners, Teachers, Employers Student Veterans, and Employees about managing disabilities and/or emotional challenges for success at school and work.

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The shame and embarrassment about any form of disability can be found in most ethnic groups. However, there is a higher prevalence of stigmas over mental disability in African-American and Latino groups. Host, Dr. Danita... more
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The loss of time and wages is astronomical for sick leaves, as reported by educational institutions and employers. A major contributor is the delay in health care services and the documentation needed for excused sick leave. Hear Dr.... more

The anxiety and stress from racism has affected people of all races and ethnicities, especially African-Americans! It is anticipated that our discussion will encourage teachers and counselors to explore the psychological impact of... more

Can a person with mental disabilities and emotional challenges achieve peak performance and develop as a transformational leader? There are too many people, including Veterans, assuming that they are unable to succeed at school... more

It is important to ask why violence has increased among students. However ,it is more critical that we ponder the answers before we get into pointing fingers at parents, school administrators, students, and teachers. Take a look at startling... more

How can teachers and employers know when a student and/or employee has lost hope? Host, Dr. Danita Applewhite helps us understand the importance of being aware of the warning signs of hopelessness. In addition, she will... more

The number of women veterans with disabilities has doubled in the last decade, specifically related to PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and MST (Military Sexual Trauma). Learn about how they are overcoming the challenges of... more

Many of us discuss ways to improve our ?physical? health by nutrition, diet, exercise, environment and prevention. Listen to Host, Dr. Danita Applewhite with students, teachers, employees, and Veterans discuss ways to improve our... more

Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked and devalued groups of people are those with disabilities. In the USA, the most progressive country in the world, there is still great disparity in the treatment and access to school and work... more

Has the bombardment of news about deadly shootings as they relate to mental illness increased your apprehension to hire and teach persons with mental or learning challenges? Has the news disempowered students and employees to... more

Most teachers, from elementary to college levels, are able to identify when students have difficulty learning, within the first weeks of a semester. However, this Student2Teacher™ radio show will clarify how support, referrals, and... more
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