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This Sunday's Topic This episode we will delve into a statement that it seems no one wants to really address head on: is gay the new black? Proponents of this statement feel like men and women of the LGBT community are ostracized and... more

This Sunday's Topic This Sunday is a Ventilation (#VENT)? session! Do you know someone who is CONSTANTLY asking you for stuff? Money, clothes, your car– YOU NAME IT and they'll ask! What's worse is they never... more

This Sunday's Topic There's nothing wrong with be frugal. In fact, money management is seen as a good trait for most people. But when do we draw the line? Can someone pull out a coupon during a date? Can he or she make a... more

This Sunday's Topic This Sunday we discuss the Brittany Jones fellatio video that has broken the Internet the first week of 2015. A few days ago, she was another name, yet World Star Hip Hop has changed her into an overnight sensation. But... more

This Sunday's Topic Today's show will recap 2014! What was your most celebrated moments this year? Your worst? Where is the damn Malaysia Airlines Flight #370? Was Ebola a distraction? Or was Ferguson? Was the... more

This Sunday's Topic The holiday season is a time to reunite with family, regift items you don't want and find a way to rekindle relationships with people you didn't want to bother with the other 11 months. What's on your agenda this... more

This Sunday's Topic Many couples across America and abroad must face a difficult question at one point or another during a serious relationship: "WILL I ALLOW MY PARENT(S) TO INTERFERE WITH MY LOVE LIFE?" Whether... more

This Sunday's Topic This Sunday, we're kicking off #workplace encounters, episode #1. The Workplace Encounters deals with the many gripes of working in Corporate America or any job for that matter. People and their BS, harassment,... more

This Sunday's Topic Our first show, To Serve and to Protect focused on the August 9, 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenage man, by police officer Darren Wilson. Since then, we have learned that a grand jury of... more

This Sunday's Topic Time and time again, we wonder why we choose the worst mates! What's even more perplexing is why we end up in the DREADED FRIEND ZONE! Join us in an all new radio show with our hosts to hear their perspectives... more
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