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This Sunday's Topic We will be annoucing this show's topic shortly. About STT Radio aka "WSTT" With thousands of listeners, we aim to discuss just about any and everything under the sun. Our hosts are full of laughter and comedy but we also hit the tough controversial topics. Most importantly, you can always call 646-200-0246 and state your thoughts and opinions. Are you interested in appearing on the show or working behind the scenes? Visit our website for management contact information.
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This Sunday's Topic We hear it quite often, on television, in conversation, and even while arguing. "I don't need a man because I can take care of myself!" While that may be true, are there times when some women go too far? Is there a... more

This Sunday's Topic A few episodes ago, we discussed being the perfect lover. This episode, we embark on a related topic to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both casual and committed sex. We also discuss fetishes as... more

This Sunday's Topic What exactly is mental illness? Mental illness happens when something in the brain is not working properly, or another way of looking at it, the brain becomes sick. This week's show will discuss mental health, including... more

This Sunday's Topic Studies show that how we choose and interact with others is largely based on our childhood experiences. This week, we'll discuss how our childhood experiences have shaped us. Join in on the conversation via... more

This Sunday's Topic This week we'll get down and flirty. Let's talk about your skills! NO, not just your #bedroom skills, but whether you're a great catch in general! Why? What makes a good catch? Are you #marriage material? Talk to... more

This Sunday's Topic The N-word is used in everyday language in black households, music and in public every day without much regard to its meaning. Do you agree with Tupac's "Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished" or is... more

This Sunday's Topic Where is George Zimmerman and Paula Deen today? Some feel that it's as if these two individuals have increased in celebrity as a result of their wrong-doing. What do you think? Call in today and express your opinion.... more

This Sunday's Topics (STTOPIX) The Ebola outbreak and possibly infecting the US Fire challenges propelled by social media The Democrats pushing the Obaama impeachment for extra donations? About STT Radio aka "WSTT" With... more

This Sunday's Topic This week, we'll discuss why men of all races end up AVOIDING black women. But is this a result of a conspiracy or is there merit to what many of these men accuse black women of? Tonight, we'll uncover... more
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