Yuen Method with Richard

Strengthen Everything

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Using Yuen method to strengthen everything for people from all over the world.

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I like my friends getting good things and in great measure. I decided to make the step of offering some FREE events. If you are not prepared to give then how can you expect to get? I want to energetically clear some of the blockages which... more

I'm going to do a general strengthening for listeners and I am inviting a suprise guest to attend. I am so sorry for my absence ...it was due to the attack on Blogtalkradio

I talk a little about the philosophy of Yuen Method as I see it. I go over some feedback and results from contributors. I talk about some of the new programmes that Dr Kam Yuen is running.

learning difficulties is the theme for this show. Please feel free to call in or send me a message to have the problems worked on. This week very special guest Mani Goel. Spiritual healer and Angel Intuitive, author and film maker.

Send in your requests..call in your requests. I have a couple of requests already....lets strengthen you to get the life you are dreaming of.

I'm hosting my teacher for yuen method Julien Wilm.We'll talk a little about Yuen Method and also strengthen the requests sent in.

I have had great results with Yuen Method and now I want to take a small step to offer strengthening to others.