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"To get THE VICTORY for the NEXT LEVEL of Blessing,ask GOD for HIS Strategy"!

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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IN The Spirit Realm,there are TWO LEVELS from which Spiritual things happen.There's the 3RD Heaven & The 2nd Heaven. The 3rd Heaven is where ELOHIYM lives,as well as HIS Elect Angels.The 2nd Heaven is from where satan's demons operate,who are also known as "spiritual wickedness in high places". That rank of demons are territorial demons and they sit OVER regions,nations,states,cities,counties,villages and neighborhoods and households and families and generations...and lives...and they cause all KINDS of problems and Hellish activity that affect the lives and outcomes OF regions and nations and states and cities and counties and villages and neighborhoods and households and families and generations...and lives. When WE that are in the human race are bombarding The 3rd Heaven for Blessings and answers,those demons from the 2nd Heaven can and oftentimes WILL Interfere with us receiving the answers that we seek,when asking "what do I do now"? God knows this...so,He hath devised a way for MANKIND to bypass and outsmart satan and his demons,when they try to interfere with US receiving Blessings. ONE of the ways are FASTING...and there are a few other ways,and there ALSO is "the fleece". Gideon,whose name in The Hebrew is pronouced "Gidown",(ghid-ohn'),and means "feller",i.e. a lumberjack,or cutter of trees,and it also means "warrior",in The Hebrew,was the 5th Judge of Israel who KNEW HOW to beseech God.

 This is what WE need to how to do,if we're going to get the Victory from God and go to the NEXT Level of Blessing,in our Christian walk...and life. Gidown put out a fleece--NOT ONCE,BUT TWICE,to God. The result was that HE GOT The Victory that he sought.Grab your Bibles,pens and paper,and let's delve into The Word of God,with one of God's Modern Day Apostles and one of God's Powerful Prophetesses--and let's examine "GOD'S STRATEGY"!