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"...YOUR Problem is YOU,NOT God,and in SOME cases,not even satan--but YOU!"

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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"People have been passing the buck for a LONG TIME. It started with Adam and then with Eve.the ONLY one who DIDN'T pass the buck in the Garden of Eden was satan,and that was because he KNEW that he was wrong and was fine with it.GOD ALSO KNEW that satan was wrong and up to NO good,because satan LOST the position that God gave him BEFORE Adam and Eve was ever created.he was the cherub that PROTECTED GOD'S HOLINESS.THEN he led a rebellion AGAINST God's Holiness,with 1/3 of the angels,who became demons,FOLLOWING him.God knows that wherever satan IS,he will ALWAYS be up to NO GOOD.So are those that FOLLOW him.There's ALWAYS someone waiting to RECEIVE what God gave you,when YOU YOURSELF have so EASILY neglected it.Sure,YOUR Blessing is for YOU and no one ELSE,but there are SOMEthings that GOD KNOWS that you JUST AREN'T READY for,but He WILL ALLOW you to SEE them,and SOMETIME even allow them to be at your finger tips,but HE KNOWS that you WON'T know WHAT to DO with them. He KNOWS that SOME things,we'll forfeit.It doesn't STOP Him from GIVING us certain things,but He KNOWS that we're going to forfeit.So,He provides a WAY for us to make it right. That way is:CONFESSION. Now,we HAVE to come BACK to Him,but FIRST, WE MUST ADMIT that WE are the ones in the wrong!" 

Grab your Bibles and let's get into this and hear what The Holy Ghost has to say to us. He wants to RESTORE someone.

  You can call for prayer at (203)745-8162,because there's POWER in AGREEMENT!"