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"YOU CAN'T BE OUTSIDE of God's Will,and say you OBEY Him:THAT'S a hypocrite."

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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"There are MANY folk on this earth wearing Ministry Collars that SHOULDN'T BE wearing one.There are MANY folk that are claiming to have the answers to YOUR problems,when THEY,THEMSELVES don't have the answers for THEIRS! There are MANY people who CLAIM to have HEARD FROM God and that claim to WALK WITH Him,yet they THEMSELVES have gotten OUTSIDE of His Will and NEVER UPROOTED THEIR Treason against God.Be careful WHO you listen to. Be careful WHOSE work you support.The Word "MINISTRY" is from the Greek Word "diakonia",(dee-ak-on-ee'-ah),which means "service,support,relief".There are ONLY 2 KINDS of Ministry: either GOOD Ministry or BAD Ministry.Sometime,it is HARD to tell the difference between the two. People can PROPHE-LIE and you'd ASSUME that they are a Prophet or a Prophetess.People can have a Building with MANY people IN there,and you'd assume that it is GOOD Ministry.People can call THEMSELVES Apostles,because they STARTED something,and you'd swear that they are sent by GOD.People can go to a divinity school,pay for education,and you'd believe that they are a Teacher,because of their learned vocabulary.People can call themselves an Evangelist and then sit down waiting for their turn to preach,and you'd BELIEVE that they are powerful.The TRUTH IS: GOOD Ministry Provides RELIEF,AND GOD MOVES THROUGH IT BECAUSE GOD IS THE ESTABLISHER OF GOOD MINISTRY! You DON'T want to MISS THIS:It's concerning RESTORATION!"