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"God didn't make no mistake--YOU did!"

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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MANY times in our lives and during our CHRISTIAN walk,God has ALREADY put things in place for us to get through.We go through trials AND tribulations,and we SHOULD be learning from them. The DEEP thing about that is that if we'd JUST LISTEN to GOD AND DO what HE TELLS us to,then our trials would be FEW,if any. IF we'd just APPRECIATE what He has given us,in our lives,then we can SEE His CONCERN for us. It is VERY common for folk to ASK God for something and THEN mess it UP when He DOES it. SOMETIME,He GIVES us things because HE knows that we need them,even when WE don't KNOW to ask for them. Adam didn't know that he NEEDED a wife.EVE DIDN'T know that SHE NEEDED a husband. GOD put EVERYTHING in place so that BOTH genders would have what they NEEDED. God made the woman to be THE HELP MEET and He told THE WOMAN that HER HUSBAND shall RULE OVER her,which Theologically means that Adam would be RESPONSIBLE for her.SOMETIME,it's HARD for a wife to HELP a husband that DOESN'T WANT the help and SOMETIME it's HARD to be RESPONSIBLE for someone that always want to do what THEY want to do. We NEED to function AS GOD MADE us to function. It's WHEN we DO,that GOD will get THE GLORY from our COVENANT with eachother. But it's when WE do what WE want to do and handle eachother how WE want to handle eachother,that the devil is ABLE to creep IN. We NEED to READ THE SCRIPTURE! READ HOW HUSBANDS ARE TO FEEL FOR THEIR WIVES AND HOW THEY ARE TO TREAT THEM! READ HOW A WIFE IS TO TREAT HER HUSBAND AND HOW SHE IS TO GIVE HERSELF TO HIM AND HOW SHE IS TO RECEIVE HIM! When THESE things are done in THE WAY that GOD MADE them to,then ALL IS WELL! But when they are NOT done in GOD'S WAY,then remember this:WHEN YOU LOSE EVERYTHING,DON'T BLAME GOD! BECAUSE  "God didn't make no mistake--YOU did!" 

      Please grab your Bibles and Let's meet in Genesis 2.