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"The Doctrine of The Holy Ghost...PT. 6"

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TITLE:  "STOP CALLING The Holy Ghost an IT,because NO THING can do what HE DOES...and CAN do...for HE IS GOD! And if you DON'T KNOW that,then you DON'T Know GOD!"


There is TRULY a GREAT IGNORANCE WORLD-WIDE concerning THE HOLY GHOST! WHO He is...HOW He is...WHERE He is...and in SOME cases,folk ask WHAT He is.MANY have HEARD the TERM "Holy Ghost",and the PROPER folk have heard the term "Holy Spirit".But STILL,there is GREAT IGNORANCE
about WHO...HE...IS.ONE thing that is MOST IMPORTANT to REMEMBER is that HE is NOT separated from The Father OR The Son.He IS EQUAL with them.
THEREFORE,there are NOT 3 SEPARATE Beings that exist,but there is ONE GOD....HIS NAME IS Elohiym...He has manifested Himself in Flesh and is called JESUS,The SON of God...and He WAS IN The Flesh called Jesus,AND He OPERATED THROUGH that flesh,SPOKE THROUGH that mouth,made THAT BODY RIGHTEOUS...LED THAT Body INTO the wildernes to be tempted BY the devil...MADE that body OBEDIENT UNTO death,and even OFFERED that Body that He used TO Himself as a SIN OFFERING,and THEN ROSE that SAME BODY 3 days later,and brought It UP to Glory.Either way that you LOOK at the matter,The Holy Ghost is NOT an "it"."ok",you may ask,"but HOW IS The Holy Ghost A PERSON"?...let's find out...by delving into:
                           "The Doctrine of The Holy Ghost...pt.6"

Get your Bibles, a notebook and a pen,and let's examine this point of Truth...in Jesus' Name,Amen.



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