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"Get your hands OUT of GOD'S Pocket!"

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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When you look up The Word "HOLY",in The Hebrew OR The Greek, ONE of The meanings  is : "Holy One"...and we know Who THAT is...and in case you DON'T,then notice that THE HOLY ONE IS God...Elohiym...The Ancient of Days...I AM...El Elyon...

Not ONLY OS He Holy,but ALL THAT ARE HIS IS Holy. Whatever HE PUTS TOGETHER IS Holy. When He puts a COVENANT together,IT is Holy...Wjen He Blesses you WITH something,IT is Holy...MANY WANT The Holy THINGS,but DON'T WANT The HOLY ONE! the devil will also try to make you THIBNK something is Holy,but imitating The Holy One's Holy THINGS! Instead of MARRIAGE,he'll tell you to just 'be in a relationship', instead of promotiing HETEROSEXUALITY, satan will promote HOMOsexuality...satan will tell you to go AFTYER the BLESSINGS,withOUT going after THE BLESS-ER! ALL of The Blessings of God are in HEAVENLY PLACES in CHRIST! (Ephesians 1:3)...ALL of God's stuff is HOLY...separated...consecrated...sacred...and are considered a part of HOLINESS! EVERYTHING God HAS and DOES IS Holy...if you DON'T WANT The Holy ONE,then stop trying to get The Holy THINGS...and 'GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF GOD'S POCKET"!

  Grab your Bibles...in Jesus' Name,Amen....