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"MAN UP...pt.1"

  • Broadcast in Religion
The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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"While it is true that God DID make MAN to conquer and dominate and to be the HEAD of the house,because he DID inherit HEADSHIP,there are JUST some times that we men have to STAND STRONG in he face of adversity.One of the things that the devil wants so bad to do,is to TAKE your manhood.he did it to Adam,when he beguiled his wife right in his FACE.he did it to Abraham,when he talked him into telling the Egyptians that Sarai was his SISTER,so that the MEN WOULDN'T KILL him.Now,though Sarai WAS his HALF sister,he still downplayed the fact that she was his WIFE.the devil also played on URIAH'S loyalty to King David and used THAT to make opportunity for David to get him killed,so he can have HIS wife.See,there has been MANY instances,in Scripture, where IF the MAN wuld have MANNED UP,that he wouldn't have LOST his wife,his life...or even his HAIR...LIKE Samson.Too many times,women will
notice the EXTERIOR of a man instead of the INTERIOR of the man,thus NOT EVEN KNOWING where he is SPIRITUALY! The MAN who is on his POST WILL PROTECT  what is his.He will protect his relationship with God,FIRST,his wofe,SECOND,his children THIRD...and is SELF LASTLY! If the devil is attacking you so hard,and it seems like you just can't make it through the trial,Brother man,then God is saying THIS to you 'MAN UP...'You MAY have to cry sometime,in order to regroup,but if that's what it takes,Brother,then cry and MAN UP...you might have to separate yourself from your family,your friends,from those that DON'T understand you,in order for you to get ALONE WITH GOD and get HIS strategy to make it through... God is saying unto us MEN: 'MAN UP'!" ...
                          This is part 2 of the Teaching series :"Family Secrets:STAY ON YOUR POST,Brother Man..."