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"Trick OR Treat:watch FROM WHOM you EAT!"

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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In THIS Century,there are so MANY WAYS that folk CLAIM will bring you to GOD! There are so MANY DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES that 'ministers' claim that GOD DOESN'T MIND! There are MANY DIFFERENT BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS that folk HAVE,EVEN AFTER PROFESSING to be CHRISTAINS! There are MANY DIFFERENT ways
 of 'worship',according to many ministers...there are MANY DIFFERENT WAYS OF SINNING that folk say AREN'T SINNING these days! The OLDER people used to EMPHASIZE that you had to be BORN AGAIN,but TODAY,ministers put emphasis on MATERIAL things and NOT SPIRITUAL STATES! Ministries take IN and DON'T
 GIVE OUT! It has gotten so bad that even satan has started pening up his ministries and not even HIDING THE TRUE AGENDAS of those ministries.In THESE days,ministers tell you that The God of The Bible has GAY children; MURDERING children;FRATERNITY AFFILIATED children;SECRET SOCIETY children;ANTI-BIBLE
 children...and that is only SOME of what is said these days.And as long as THOSE TYPES of Doctrines are promoted,then folk WON'T SEE THE NEED to change!
 As LONG AS one can go on living their lives WITHOUT CHANGING to please THE GOD OF THE BIBLE,MANY buildings will be filled up,MANY praise and worth-less
 teams will arise,MANY revivals will go on,MANY NEW ministers will graduate from theolo-lie schools,and NOTHING WILL bring God Glory! But THAT is a TRICK and NOT a TREAT! BE CAREFUL WHAT you accept and CLAIM AS THE GOSPEL,because Not ALL witches wear hats,and NOT ALL warlocks start their spells with  'hocus-pocus'!!!  who is standing behind the pulpit where YOU go to 'worship'?
This is part 8 of The Teaching series "BEHIND THE CURTAIN"....Grab your Bibles,Saints..."