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"God ALREADY put IT in motion!"

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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"Often time,we need encouragement,when walking TOWARD Blessings.Our FAITH NEEDS ENCOURAGEMENT.That's WHY GOD said for us to join TOGETHER...to COME
 TOGETHER.Scripture says in Hebrews 10:25,"NOT FORSAKING the ASSEMBLING of ourselves TOGETHER,as the manner of some IS;BUT EXHORTING ONE ANOTHER:and  SO MUCH THE MORE,as ye SEE the day approaching." Many confuse that to mean 'going to church',because of the level of education that we have today.But  that isn't the case...what The Lord told Apostle Paul to write about was FELLOWSHIP.God loves and promotes CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP.See,we ARE The Church,therefore NOT making it a building. So,The Lord was saying through Brother Paul to JOIN YOURSELVES with folk that are LIKE SPIRITED...folk that WILL SAY WHAT THE LORD is saying.God is a God that also believes in COVENANT.COVENANT means agreement... testament.. Will.Now,here lies ONE OF THE MAIN PURPOSES for
 The Lord coming DOWN here...TO AGREE WITH HIMSELF! That's what He allows us to see "Behind The Curtain"...NO man could AGREE WITH God,for NO MAN KNOWS
 what is in The MIND OF God,BUT GOD! NO man knows what God is going to DO BUT God! We can be in agreement with God,concerning HIS Plan for our lives,when
 WE know what God hath said! How can you agree with His Promises for The SAINTS,IF THE SAINTS DON'T know what His Word SAYS? When you KNOW what God hath
 said in His Word,then you'd KNOW that "God ALREADY put IT in motion!" The "IT" is WHATEVER God TOLD you that He is doing for you...IN you...and THROUGH you... Grab your Bibles,Saints..."

    This is part 5 of the Teaching series :"BEHIND THE CURTAIN...." 

INTRODUCING GUEST HOST: Prophetess Trina L. Taylor,of "The Word of God,through Jesus Christ,Street & Outreach Ministry"