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"SHEEP,CHECK your Theology;Shepherds,check YOUR Theology"!

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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"It is true that if you leave it up to folk to support the Ministry financially,that either they won't give ENOUGH,or nothing at ALL.
   So,YEARS ago,leaders have concocted a way to GET the support THEY need.Simply,by TWISTING Scripture.satan has been doing that for MANY  years.he started it with Eve...THEN he went to her son cain,who killed his brother...satan passed on twisted theology ALL THROUGH TIME.
   One of the MOST DANGEROUS is the PROSPERITY Gospel.Most leaders know that most SHEEP,especially BABY sheep,won't READ The Bible for themselves,
   so as to SEE the TRUE CONTEXT OF A Scripture. Malachi 3 is one of them.Many leaders have used Malachi 3 as a basis for getting people's monies,and even their life savings! When people DON'T GET what the LEADERS claim that SCRIPTURE SAYS they'll get for the sacrifice,then they suffer.God HATES TWISTED Theology.HE said to STUDY TO SHEW THYSELF APPROVED UNTO God...(2 Timothy 2:15)...but we don't. If you've been following this series,you'll see that God ISN'T SAYING NOT to give,but He is saying to give FROM YOUR HEART! He desires that you be a CHEERFUL giver,not a grudging one.
  NOT  a giver that is COMMANDED,or TRICKED to give. Malachi 3 said NOTHING in The Hebrew about MONEY! Don't believe it? Then search for yourself
  Grab your Bibles and join us as we go into Part 6, in the TEACHING SERIES OF "GIVE FROM YOUR HEART,AND GOD WILL BLESS YOU!"