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Some years ago Spirit & God warned me that this financial crash was coming, and also some years ago God to teach me a personal lesson and to stop me constantly asking “How Did You Do That God?” linked a speeding ticket that I got on the Joshua Highway in Arizona on New Years eve 1995 to the events of 9/11 2001 and the attack on American society….. And in August 05 Spirit & God told me to write a book warning Americans the financial crash was coming - you can hear the whole book read out on my other radio show The Deafening Silence http://www.blogtalkradio.com/THE_DEAFENING_SILENCE_Radio_Show Just a small part of my spiritual journey showing that god is there to help us as individuals if we listen…. This show comments on politics and the spiritual lessons that are there in the actions of the politicians and in political events if you take the time to let God show you…. Why would God be interested in politicians? Because they are ‘people’ who are ever ready to use God to justify the things they bring about in politics!… And many high profile American Evangelical Christian Leaders are ever ready to help politicians achieve their aims by influencing their congregations to unquestioningly accept that the politicians are doing ‘Gods Work’…. We Live In Strange Times where the Politicians and Preachers just use God as a tool to achieve their aims!… Email me at strangetimesradio@googlemail.com

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Let's Get Real! Take Off The Rose Tinted Spectacles! Those HEADING RIGHT and those HEADING LEFT are just going to drag 'ALL' you people in the Middle down with them. They don't give a Flying F--K about anyone but... more

Test Show - Just a little music and a few words.... AND I play a couple of You Tube video's of 'Dr Lee Warren' a South Chicago Minister talking about the Financial Crash and President Obama.... Listen in and be Surprised!!! We Live... more

Americans are starting to realise they are facing a perilous future. Listen to an English Guy tell you where it all went wrong for the American people. We Live In Strange Times!

[Things Are Never So Bad They Ca’nt Be Made Worse - Humphrey Bogart] - This President like the last one says "Things Are Not As Bad As They Appear" Presidents can like the man in the street say the Dumbest Things! We Live In... more

American Evangelical Christians and The Garden Of Eden Concept - America's Evangelical Christians say a Perfect World is achievable when they cannot even get their own Religion or Church or even Their Own Individual Lives right!... more

In a time of DECEIT telling the TRUTH is a revolutionary act - George Orwell. Voters choose to believe the lies their political party leaders tell them and call it the truth,,,, We Live In Strange Times.....

Well the Democrats will now have their time/turn in power, and everyone left in office and those new to office are fixing in place their false mask that they will have to wear for the next 4 years whilst spouting their partisan rhetoric to keep... more

President George Bush and Americans should take some time to think about the lines from the final song of the film Bugsy Malone / You give a little love and it all comes back to you… Your gonna be remembered for the things that you say and... more

President Bush is counting the days till he gets back on the Golf Course - Meanwhile Young Men & Women are counting the days till they can return home ( God Willing ) from Iraq & Afghanistan…. And American Christians are still stuck... more
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