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Lee Stranahan is a filmmaker, writer and a teacher who's taught tens of thousands of people how to create and promote their artistic visions.

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Outspoken & controversional filmmaker Joen Ziegler joins outspoken & controversional filmmaker Lee Stranahan for outspoken & controversional conversation about Steubenville, Penn State and the sad state of journalism... more

Lee talks about the status of the film and the nearly daily assults to stop it from being made.

Lee talks about a new project reporting on national Tea Party / liberty / conservative groups so donors can make more informed choices. And he needs your help!

Lee talks about the money and election victories being sucked out of the room.

Journalalism is dead. Long live the narrative.

Lee talks about why the Brandon Darby Plagarism -- the complete lack of response to it -- actually matter.

Lee talks about activim vs. journalism.

Lee talks about why he's abandoning invesigative journalism and what he's doing instead: working to attack political corruption at its route.

Lee talks about the uphill struggle.

That would be me. Is there a RIGHT way to be fired as part of a cover-up of a major scandal?