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Lee Stranahan is a filmmaker, writer and a teacher who's taught tens of thousands of people how to create and promote their artistic visions.

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Tuesday is Politics on Radio Stranahan I'm happy to have have David Webb as my guest. I'm appeared a number of times on David's show on Sirius XM and it'll be fun to turn to tables. David has been entertaining and informing the public... more

Color Correction is an increasingly crucial part of the filmmaking process for indie producers and our guest is an expert -- filmmaker Eric Escobar. Eric has created two volumes of "Indie Film" color presets for the leading piece of desktop color... more

If you're interested in screenwriting either as a career or as a creative menas of self expression, you'll want to listen to this interview. I talk to author, teach and former TV executive Jennifer Grisanti about her book Story Line: Finding Gold... more

This week a jury found two SEIU union members not guilty of an assault on a man outside a townhall meeting two years ago. I'll be asking the questions that the union's defenders seem to be avoiding.

I recently wrote a blog post where I said... {The information / tech revolution of the last decade) had been the single biggest factor that has cost the US economy jobs in the last decade and is completely nonpartisan . This shift has caused... more

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Strange things afoot....

Here's what I'll be talking about tonight... I received a phone call at about today from a police detective. He told me that a woman named Jennifer George had come into the station in the past few days and filed a police report claiming that... more

Talking to @Patterico about the #Weinergate.