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Lee Stranahan is a filmmaker, writer and a teacher who's taught tens of thousands of people how to create and promote their artistic visions.

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Heather Chase talks about continuing harassment against her/

I talk with liberal activist Heather Chase about the months of abuse she's taken from people like @Shoq and "Randy Hahn".

Lee and Brandon talk about the election, the film Occupy Unmasked and Brandon's speaking tour.

Tales from the front lines of the Florida election recounts with reporter / attorney Jeff Shapiro. Ubelievable stories of an election system gone horribly wrong. The mysteerious and elusive Stevie J. West co-hosts.

Lee Stranahan -- who narrated the new film Occupy Unmasked with his Andrew Breitbart -- and Stevie J. West talk about the film, the Occupy movement and more.

Stevie J. West and Lee Stranahan talk about what journalism is and what it isn't.

Lee Stranahan & Stevie J. West talk about women, politicis and women in politics.

Lee & Stevie discuss honesty, liberals and conservatives. How did liberal lies make Lee run screaming from the left? What has Stevie learned about who to trust? And can anything be done about online liars?

Lee & Stevie talk about Romney, responsability and other words that begin with an R. 47% of you will HATE this show!

Join co-hosts Lee Stranahan & Stevie J. West in a rollicking discussion of conervative politics.