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Lee Stranahan is a filmmaker, writer and a teacher who's taught tens of thousands of people how to create and promote their artistic visions.

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A show without too much of a specific purpose. Some Steubenville, some other stuff, maybe.

Critical thinking and the role it plays in the Steubenville story. Logical fallacies, bad arguements and how to seperate baseless claims from actual facts,

An episode that goes completely off the rails in a good way as prank callers and then various hackers call in. Topics include Neal Rauhauser and movies. A little tiny bit of Steubenville.

The fugative behind LocalLeaks wants to dance of the ashes of the United States; you think he cares about scaring children in Steubenville?

More on my weekend in Steubenville Ohio covering the Steubenville rape case and the attacks on the town my Anonymous.

Stories from my recent trip to Steubenville, Ohio and many meetings with people there. This town has been under a vicious and dishonest attack. I'll tell you what I learned.

Blogger Alexandria Goddard has played a central role in creating the mythology of the Steubenville rape case. Lee talks about her involvement in the story.

Lee talks about the damage and how to cmpabt it.

Have you been hearing about the Steubenville story but aren't quite sure what it's all about and why it matters? This is the show for you. Lee explains the background, seperates facts from fiction and shows the implacations on the law... more

Setting the record straight on the media failues about the controversial rape case Call in with questions.