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Lee Stranahan is a filmmaker, writer and a teacher who's taught tens of thousands of people how to create and promote their artistic visions.

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The Dream Defenders are going on their third week taking over the Florida State Capitol in an ongoing protest over the Trayvon Martin shooting. Lee will be talking to one of the protesters live from their occupation.

Controversial writer, filmmaker and talk show host John Ziegler talks about media malfeasance in the accusations made against legendary Penn State football coach 'Joe Paterno in the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.

The hub-bub about the NSA raises some basic question about the idea of secturity and privacy. It also raises a fundemental rift in the GOP that's going to rear its head in 2016.

What does bravery mean in the politics? Who's got it and who doesn't?

The George Zimmerman trial for the shooting of Trayvon Martin was been a politically motivated fiasco. Today, Lee about the run-up to the trial and what we've seen so far.

It's all over the news -- from Paula Deen to Geroe Zimmerman to Pigford. What better day to talk about race and racism than July 4th? Dedicated to the memory of Andrew Breitbart.

Why did onservatives, including well known conservative media and pundits, get suckered into carrying water for leftist, anti military hacks like Glenn Greenwald and Julian Assange on the phony "NSA Scandal"? Why did conservstives... more

An exclusive interview with Tom Burrell from the Black Farmer Agricultural Assocition. .

The Weather Underground isn't a relic of the 1960s; they are for the most part alive, well, unrepentant and politically active.

With Obama scandals all over the mainstream media, Lee talks about the #Pigford farmers settlement scandal is the biggest one of them all and why it's the one the White House is most afraid of.