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A PC tech in NY and an ESL teacher in Korea have been an evangelistic duo since 1995, traveling the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Eclectic views, diverse topics.

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We hope not. Let's pray he opens the borders and feeds some people. We're trying to recreate the success of our past... more

After a hiatus, we're back doing our thang, making random calls and working out our jaw muscles so that we don't get fatigued with those large gumballs in the machines at the front of the supermarket. Praise Jesus, yo!

Tonight we'll be talking about current events, the Bible, and prophecy, in addition to whatever strikes our fancy at the moment. Also, we may go back to the format we tried a few episodes ago, and just call people at random. You, of... more

Going forth for Jesus on All Hallows Eve. More random calls to the coasts and heartland--Dennis wants to examine some odd news--and Dave will read from a book by R. B. Thieme Jr. he just got from the library.

Trying something new: 25 calls to random folks around the US. Will anyone want to be on our show? Dennis says no. Dave says yes. Tune in for today's one-hour show to find out. Peace and Jesus Bless You...

Tonight we have no idea what we're talking about, But we'll heed BarbaraBranker's advice, and try to work the theme of family into the episode. Moreover, we'll talk about current events, whatever may or may not be... more

Last week, a caller praised God for a miracle in his life. We want to hear from you! Please call in with your praise reports and prayer requests. You'll only hear us blab to each other with popcorn ideas on currents events, Scripture, and... more

Today we go pro, and move over to our new, longer format. We let it all hang out for Jesus. Well, nearly all of it.... Some topics we may (or may not) discuss are: Sin - when does it start? What's going on in the world today? Is our way... more

Not quite sure what we'll be talking about this evening (or if both of us will be present), but tune in and find out!

In summary, Calvinism centers on the supreme sovereignty of God, predestination, the total depravity of man, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and the perseverance of the saints. Arminianism... more