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Proselytizing In The Military - Mikey DOESN'T Like It!

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TONIGHT, we will be discussing Mikey Weinstein and the "Military Religious Freedom Foundation."

Now, if you were confused by the organization's name, or haven't YET realized that we live in a very Orwellian world where up is down and black is white, you may have thought they were an organization tasked with DEFENDING the religious rights and freedoms of those in uniform...

Well, no.  That's NOT what the "Military Religious Freedom Foundation" is about.  The "Military Religious Freedom Foundation" is about making sure "religious" folk in the military - specifically, Christians - never get a chance to practice their faith, a significant tenet of which is the sharing of the Good News.

Welcome to WhineWorld... err, WeinWorld... where you have a Constitutional right to not get your feelings hurt..

To be perfectly HONEST - and we SHOULD be - Weinstein's organization is really the foreseeable backlash prompted by a perverse pseudo-Christian "culture" within the military.  We're limited by the description length, so TUNE IN!

Here's the stories:



Remember, Mikey:  A loss of freedom for ONE of us, is a loss of freedom for ALL of us!