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Ban Assault Cars! The New McCarthyism

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Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy was recently on Amy Goodman's Demockery Now championing the call to ban "assault clips."  What are "assault clips," you ask?  "Assault clips" (or "magazines," as the gun people at the RNA call them) are the thingies that go in the bottom of the thing that goes BAM BAM BAM!!!  If you can put a whole bunch of bullet-holders in the clip thingy, THAT'S AWFUL!!!


We intrepid reporters discovered something alarming about the congresswoman from Long island:  While leading the charge to ban these infernal "assault clips," she herself DRIVES AN ASSAULT CAR!  What is an "assault car," you ask?  Well, it's a car that can go IN EXCESS OF 55MPH!  You read that right - these demonic inventions travel FASTER THAN THE SPEED LIMIT!  Now, we understand that Ms. McCarthy has a privilege to travel, but honestly, who NEEDS a car that can go faster than 55 MPH?  You don't need a car that can travel that fast to go to work, now do you?

We know that traffic fatalities increase with the speed of the vehicles, and - believe it or not - there are even more deaths in the United States each year from auto accidents than firearms.  So WHY ISN'T CONGRESSWOMAN McCARTHY WORKING AS HARD TO BAN ASSAULT CARS???  Moreover, why does she drive an assault car herself???

This and more on tonight's edition of Jesus, The Bible and Anything Else.