Straight stuff on addictions

Straight stuff on addictions


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a creative and open minded talk show format featuring, guests, advice, stories from the real world, recovery topics and a connection for recovering people

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OK Let's face it. The odds aren't good for a young person to stay sober....right? Well, the odds aren't really that good for anybody to stay sober so if we waited for the odds to be good there'd be no sober people at all. There are, however,... more

We've been on the internet air now for nearly six months and we thought it was time for some reflection. We wanted to acknowledge our guests, our fantastic entertainment and most of all our listeners. Much to our surprise, having started... more

Imagine the transition from a traditional family and life, a husband and a couple kids in a Texas town in the 80's to a contemplative religious life in a small town in the Midwest. Imagine starting a twelve step recovery and ending up one of the... more

Could a disorganized desk, a disorganized room or house be a symptom of a disorganized head? Are you holding on to THINGS as an emotional suppport or because you can't let go of other things? Let's find out about the addictive side... more

If sustaining a relationship isn't hard enough these days throw in the need to recover from both sides of the addictive disease. Our guests are John and Lori, a "recovering couple" who've been together many years and have been in... more

How far down do I have to go? Will I ever be able to get it? When will the light finally come on? Am I one of those who are constitutionally incapable of grasping these concepts. Am I a hopeless case? Has everyone given up on me?... more

Recovery Internet Radio "Straight Stuff on Addictions" Sunday September 16th 8PM This is a story from the other side of the disease; a story of the journey from fear and misunderstanding through guilt and shame to love and acceptance.... more

Who is the first person on your way to treatment with whom you would have a real interaction? That would be a person like Dee. Who would answer your questions, motivate you to consider making a change, hold your hand and listen... more

She managed the last three of her four college years sober; managed a career, sober; met her husband, sober, had kids and becamne a stay-at-home Mom, sober. The transitions were huge, the emotional cost, including a struggle with... more

How many parents have agonized about how their own addictive genetics will affect their kids? Parents in recovery face an especially frightening prospect since they can see it happening but can't "do the recovering" for them. Meet Howard... more
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