Straight stuff on addictions

Straight stuff on addictions


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a creative and open minded talk show format featuring, guests, advice, stories from the real world, recovery topics and a connection for recovering people

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He was a lost child…on his own in many respects. He felt alienated and not a part of anything. It was a perfect set-up for addiction. He was always searching for meaning…for something bigger but the bottle became his higher... more

Within months of his first go around with Vikes he knew he needed more. Later a shady Doc gave him a prescription for 240 Norco a month and he managed to use that in two weeks. He knew he was out of control and it went on for... more

She finally got sober in her home area of South Bay. She went to somewhere around 700 meetings in the two years that she slipped, slid and hid her drinking before she found solid ground. Weathering the shame and embarrassment she... more

We've had a couple years now to allow the drug court process to mature. We've had several ?graduating classes? and a very good track record. We talked to the initial sitting drug court judge to get the framework of the court's operations so... more

More than a few years ago a small group of parents began to meet in a therapists office. They talked about their struggles to stay sane while living with the insanity of their behaviorally or addictively challenged kids. They shared their fears,... more

You could call our show this week a love story of sorts. Mary and her husband adopted a beautiful baby girl they named Kellen at 8 days and although her childhood was in some ways idyllic she started ?cutting? by 6th grade. By... more

Ibogaine is an extract from an African plant. It produces a number of effects that we'll find out about tonight but among them is the elimination, for most clients, of cravings and even desire for addictive substances. Ibogaine came into... more

Meet one of the most alive and articulate guys around. Father Jerome is a well-known and well-loved Catholic Priest. He's full of contradictions; gregarious, gentle, caring, opinionated, humble and strong. Join us as we cover his own... more

She went to church, got good grades, was popular and funny but…her Mom was a ?full blown alcoholic? and her Dad had an anger management problem. Ann would say her family lived lives of ?quiet desperation?. She was always... more

Tonight's show is an unusual opportunity to look inside the world of young people; a glimpse into how kids experience life. Our panel will be composed of high school aged people who are not actively involved with the drug culture. They... more
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