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The Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network is the umbrella network for five diverse talk show programs about life, culture, society and issues impacting Hampton Roads and our nation.

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Think fitness is something is achieved only by the rich and famous? Think again! Turn your fitness fantasy into fitness reality with award-winning personal trainer, Ken Williams . . . aka BodybyKen and BootCamp for Women. Turn up the volume and get your week off to a great start with Ken on Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show. Brought to you from the Stovall Communications Network, Monday Madness will get you fired up and energized. From beginners to advance workouts, Ken Williams will guide you on your road to true fitness. He'll help you find the right workout plan to suit your individual needs. Williams will discuss workouts, nutrition, supplementation, and how to keep motivated. He'll also talk about the latest trends in diet and exercise and the best way to incorporate daily exercise in our lifestyles for everyday people. In the debut episode, Ken Williams will talk with Dr. Sheena Cox about high blood pressure or hypertension, its risk factors, how it can be controlled and how exercise can help. He'll also have information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other resources designed for you. Join the conversation or if you have a question for the Monday Madness team, call 1-914-338-1541.
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Join Sisters Chat co-hosts, Dawn Stovall and Sharon Hoggard and friends as they discuss the fallout from the documentary Frustrated: Black American Men in Brazil. The documentary deals with the trend of African American men... more

Dr. Thaida Stovall and host Dawn Stovall, creator of the Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network, continue their discussion on genertically modified organisms (GMOs) on this issue of A Total Body Synergy. The co-hosts will... more

Join your hosts, creaters of the Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network (S&HCN), as they take a look at the topics trending in this week's news and on social media.

Last week Dr. Bunny talked about acidic levels in the body and natural ways to reduce acidity levels. In this week's episode of Total Body Synergy with Dr. Bunny, she'll talk about genetically modified organisms (GMO) foods and... more

Join the fun with the ladies from the Sisters Chat show on the Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network. We're going to talk about parenting . . . today's parenting strategies versus old school parenting styles. Whose kids turned out... more

Fed up with all the political hype especially during the election season? Well, tune in to Ask Poli: Politics Today with Professor Carol Pretlow as she helps break through the rhetoric and all the crap. Professor Pretlow, her students and... more

Last week on Total Body Synergy, we discussed a few health issues and how natural medicine can be used to treat these illnesses and more! This week the doctor will examine acidity levels in the body and it's connection to disease.

Hampton Roads version of The View, SistersChat will explore current topics in the news and bring you the sisters point of view. In this pilot episode, women from all walks of life answer the questions;"Can women have it all?" The big time job,... more

Hop your way into great health and good living with Dr. Thaida "Bunny" Stovall, doctor of natural medicine. Dr. Bunny will help you live a life full of good health, vitality, and energy. Learn why narcotics may not be the best route for pain,... more

Join NSU political science professor Carol Pretlow, some of her students and community activist and retired professor Gwen Pharr as they examine grassroots political movements in Hampton Roads. The Ask Poli host and team will discuss... more