Storytellers Campfire

Storytellers Campfire

Storytellers Campfire

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"Where Literary Art Comes To Life" Featuring Guest From All Around The World Lending Their Voices and Sharing Their Contribution In The World Of Literature

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Join Lady Selah SuJuris and Award Wining Author and Educator, Carole P. Roman for our Culture Education Series. This series is a way of introducing children to different cultures around the world, through storytelling, adventure... more
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Join us at the Campfie as Grandmother Mazina share whats inside her very cold basket...

Eleven Rules Bill Gates shared with an auditorium of High School students; based on Author and Educator; Charles Sykes.

Last of the Mini Series, featuring events after Jesus death and his resurrection.....

Join us for the continuation of Jesus...After Jesus impalement .....

Join us as we contnue the Mini Series of the events of Jesus last week on earth.

Join us as we continue the Mini Series of the events just prior to Jesus Death, The Passover and The Lord's Evening Meal.

This is Part 4 of the Mini Series The countdown continues and we are sharing the events leading up to the death or ransom of Jesus Christ. Join us as the story continues....

Part 3 of the Mini Series Tonight is Nisan 11 and the host are sharing events leading up to Jesus death in this Mini Series. The Countdown to Nisan 14 or the Anniversary of The Memorial of Jesus Christ.

Part 2 of this Mini Series Tonight APRIL 11, 2014 coinscides with Nisan 10 in bible times and soon it will be the Anniversary of The Memorial of Jesus ransom which falls on April 14, 2014 after sundown. Thursday evening Charlie checkers... more
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