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"Where Literary Art Comes To Life" Featuring Guest From All Around The World Lending Their Voices and Sharing Their Contribution In The World Of Literature and Music

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Join us at the Campfire for a few sea tales.... Author House: Some Nautical Tales covers the adventures and experiences of Captain Wilbur H. Vantine, as he worked his way up from Ordinary Seaman and sailed as Ship Master on tramo freighters in the United States Merchant Marine. Along the way he was able to ?see the world? at a very interesting time in world affairs. During WWII, he served on two ships in the war zones of the southwest Pacific and on another in the North Atlantic to the United Kingdom. He obtained his first command in 1951 at age twenty-six. While sailing as Ship Master, he did difficult navigation among icebergs in the far north; had his ship breaking up and losing three of its four lifeboats in a ?super? storm, was confined with his crew on a Liberty ship, in ballast, during a winter-time crossing of the North Atlantic, with a killer virus on board, sailed to Korea before, during and after the Korean War, took action to minimize damage from an un-avoidable collision and directed actions to separate the two ships which were connected by their anchor chains, made an ocean crossing with growing cracks in the main deck threatening to cause his ship to break-up, steamed transpacific with a cargo of coal undergoing spontaneous combustion, had his ship to boarded and crew attacked by a large and angry mob in Yugoslavia, had a shifting cargo of army tanks threatening to knock out the sides of his ship during a storm, and had unique interaction with both ship and shore personalities. Based on actual experiences. The numerous photographs were taken by the author, except where noted otherwise. Pages:332 Size:8.25x11 ISBN:978-1-46704-112-6 Print Type:B/W Host Rich Gehlhausen Guest Captain Wilbur H. Vantine
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Marble Award Winner Carole P. Roman makes guest appearance at the global campfire for a look at the Award Winning Book Captain No Beard and The Aurora Borealis.....join us as we sail away with the Captain and crew to the north on an... more

Annually we share this Rare Book published in 1905 and it's delicate pages bound together by one thread. Not only is the book in rare form but the words expressed in the poetical story of Mount Rainier in the Mountain Bride are ever... more

On Sunday, September, 28, 2014 on Storytellers Campfire Radio Show the Hosts and Staff Members announced 104 Marble Award Nominees recognized for their work. The Nominees were selected from a long list of guest who have appeared... more

Mockingbird is an A cappella Trio, consisting of Robin Wallbridge, Sherrie Lutsch and Lesley Rigg. They have been delighting and entertaining audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. The group is known for... more

Delicious Morning Comforting Breakfast Baked From Scratch Author Dina Foglio Crowell Author of the popular Buttercream Bakehouse Blog From time saving techniques to the secret of light fluffy, gooey cinnamon rolls, this book has... more

Tonight's show is the Announcement for the details of the Up-Coming Show Event coming for the Marble Award Recipients The Show is only to announce the details of up-coming events in relationship to the Awards, Press Release,... more

Join us as we go on walk-about with Host Rich Gehlhausen and Author Carole P. Roman in this wonderful adventure to the oceanian country of Australia. If You Were Me And Lived In France 5 Star Clarion Review An Introduction to... more

Join us at the campfire for this LIVE Show with Host Rich Gehlhausen and John M Nuckel. Nuckel is engaging readers with his edgy and thrilling creative writing style with The Vig, Grit, and Blind Trust. Amazon: Ben Hirsh put his Blind... more

The Golden Ark of Treasure is a show which features topics which impart wisdom. Tonight's Feature presentaion is on Explore Earth Part 1 What is Ecopsychology? Why is it important? Join us at the Campfire tonight to find out just... more
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