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The Stories We Live By


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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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"You made me angry!" "You made me feel guilty!" I don't think so.

A discussion about the catastrophic moral, political, economic, psychological and medical consequences of the mental health industry's war on children.

Can you love another if you don't love yourself? Can you love yourself if you have never been loved? Can you love yourself if you don't love others?

A discussion on some possible reasons why dissent, outrage, and rebellion have all but disappeared from our stories

A discussion of some of psychiatrist Thomas Szasz' ideas in detail. How to ask intelligent questions of your shrink.

A discussion with the world famous psychiatric critic and author of "The Myth of Mental Illness" as well as dozens of other important books on psychiatry. We will be joined by psychologist Louis Wynne

A discussion of "A Still, Small Voice," a column in the New York Times Op-Ed page of October 16th by David Brooks on those politicans who are bothered by losing their souls.

A discussion of the types of ideas that make us go really nuts if we start to believe that they are true. (For example, your mother really doesn't love you.)

How psychiatry, her parents, the media, and society at large murdered little Rebecca Riley. A discussion with psychiatrist Phil Sinaikin

How our stories about power, love and moral goodness affect our sex lives.