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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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Two related stories dominate today's broadcast. The first derives from a fine movie entitled "Hanah Arendt," a philosopher who covered the Adolf Eichman trial in Israel and a New York Times article (3/2/2015) entitled "How We Learned to KIll" by Timothy Kudo, a Marine Captain and Graduate Student. Arendt coined the term "the banality of evil" and Kudo intones "In the madness of war I saw that taking a life could be banal." Today's story will continue to develop ideas begun earlier in this series and past broadcasts that help explain why killing seems so easy for our species in such massive and routine ways. I will utilize evolutionary and psychoanalytic theories as my guide.
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In today's story we will continue with the metaphor of cancerous ideas spreading throughout a society and its body politic. The murder of innocents in France, Denmark and other world capitols supposedly bastions of democracy frighten... more

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Today's discussion deals with a story in the New York Times of Saturday, October 11th by Michael S. A. Graziano entitled "Are we really Conscious?" Dr. Graziano is a distinguised scientist working in Princeton University, one of America's... more

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I will tell the story of my work with several individuals suffering from so-called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. I will widen the story's focus to include the role that war has in making human life meaningful and how the way... more

Continuing the story of the oppression of women begun on my episode of 9/15 and how the forces that despise and fear women prevent the full political flowering of democratic societies. We will continue the analysis of the mechanisms... more

A video of football star Ray Rice knocking out his then fiance and now wife in an elevator has gone viral. The country is shocked and outraged by the violence of the act. But we soon learn that there have been 700 arrests of NFL football... more

Tonight we explore some of the psychological and social meaning behind a news story that tells of a nine year old girl accidently killing a shooting instructor when she lost control of the Uzi machine gun she was firing at a range in Arizona.... more