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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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If the title of this episode sounds like someone you might know you are probably right. One of the more overlooked emotions in psychology and the genesis of what might be termed pathological behavior is shame. Shame is a powerful,... more

The labels we use to define mental disorders and illnesses are nothing more than moral judgments of patterns of behavior that someone finds disturbed and/or disturbing. Like all patterns of human behavior they are the best adaptations any... more

We will explore how people experience themselves and the world around them as a function of the indentities constructed as a result of the politics that shape them. Some will have identities defined positively that permit them to explore,... more

Gordan writes, "If scientific rationality and its product of truth is no longer a guide to belief and action what basis can psychiatry claim as its datum of sanity from which to measure variation and deviation? I will suggest in todays story that... more

The self is the experience of living, the hereness in the thereness, the feeling of what happens. It is the present after the past and the present in the face of the future. Self is our experience of being the center of time and space. Self is the... more

The authoritarian name calling that defined this election (and a number of earlier ones as well) did not discuss one of the chief causes of the unrest caused by unemployment and shrinking wages. Machines can do many things cheaper and... more

Authoritarian systems are hierarchicial in which those in power define themselves as morally superior to those below. When a person is addressed as "your majesty" or "your lordship" his/her skills and human qualities are removed from... more

Our lives may be shaped by three types of politics: Anarchy, Democracy or Authoritarian/Totalitarianism. Briefly anarchy takes place when we disagree and simply walk away from eachother. In a democracy we tend to negotiate a... more

The immediate problem for our nation is Donald Trump and his ability to stir up resentment among angry, frustrated citizens as well as provide scapegoats to be blamed for people's problems. But Donald Trump and his allies must be seen in... more