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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology and Clinical Social Work are three sad, confused orphans who all claim to treat human unhappiness and confusion referred to as mental illnesses and disorders. The term "mental illnesses" are metaphors for... more

Much good often results when people seek help from psychotherapy but this has little to do with the lies and fantasies that are offered as justifications by the mental health industry for its existence and the fees charged by... more

A religion can be defined as any systematic set of beliefs that set forth factual and moral truths that purport to solve various human problems in living. The factual and moral beliefs of a religion, referred to as its dogma, are created by some... more

My conversation with Chuck Ruby, author and psychologist, will cover a range of subjects including the invention of the myth of mental illness, what constitutes abnormal behavior, morality and the myth of mental illness, social control and... more

Volunteers in Psychotherapy, Inc. (VIP) is an organization in West Hartford CT that allows people seeking psychotherapy for emotional pain to perform four hours of volunteer work at the charity or governmental agency of their choice for... more

I will tie together my response to an interview with Peter Carruthers in Scientific American with a response by my colleague Al Galves to my response and use the dangerous and pernicious phony diagnosis PTSD as an example.

Al Galves is a psychotherapist in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He and I will discuss the myth of the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness and then he will talk about his involvement with the Psychiatric Survivor Movement. The Survivor... more

I have written extensively and spoken on my blogtalkradio podcasts about the myth of mental illness and the nature of mental health. The terms mental illness and mental disorders have nothing to do with real medical illness but in fact are... more

Dr Jeanne Stolzer will discuss the growing mountain of evidence that psychiatric drugs are potentially dangerous to health, are addictive, often worsening the emotional difficulties for which they are prescribed, and which are implicated in... more