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Stories We Live By

The Stories We Live By


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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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I will once again define what I call Psycho"therapy" suggesting that it is a process in which individuals examine the type of life narratives which create much of their misery without adding to their problems by becoming ensnared in the... more

Our stories are increasingly narrow and do not communicate across larger social groups. Our stories contain fewer facts but more myths, fantasies, and outright lies. Our stories are growing shorter with fewer meaningful narratives.... more

In order for human beings to survive they need to develop both factual information about the world and skills to solve the problems that prevent satisfaction of their many needs. Human beings have the longest period of development of any... more

I believe that Nelson and Democrats in general can win in November if they employ aspects of when I call psycho-evolutionary theory in their advertising and the stories by which they operate their campaign. Story One: We are tribal... more

The suicides of of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain has created a conversation about suicide dominated by the bullshit that suicide is a symptom of a disease called depression; that depression is a brain disease; that the mental health... more

As we slide into tribalism it is in part because we have lost faith in our democracy and this loss of faith, in part, stems from our failure to keep the promise of universal education for all of our citizens. We are abandoning public education... more

First I will rant and rave about my beloved country's continuing descent into barbarism. As usual we will hear the usual nonsense about the need to pray for the victims and their families, adding millions of more guns into the population... more

A more detailed discussion about the process of being diagnosed as mentally ill or disordered and the long term interpersonal and intrapersonal consequences of believing that one is permenantly damaged as a human being. The difference... more

To be a patient in any therapeutic relationship structured by the medical model and to be working with a mental health professional not consciously committed to democratic principles is to be enmeshed in procedures that are inherently... more