The Stories We Live By

Stories We Live By

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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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Tonight some short stories on a variety of topics 1) More thoughts on picking the right parents. 2) How men bond: war and sports. 3) Free lunch and free tuition. Handouts that make us lazy or opportunities that make us strong? 4) Freud's... more
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Today's story is a fantasy. It will outline what I believe is necessary to live a good and meaningful life, agreeing in part with Freud who suggested that mental health is defined by the ability to work, love and play. I suggest that we lose... more

The question before us is how do we create a political system that avoids victimizations as well as idealization and demonization while promoting group cohesiveness and simulataneously respecting and fostering individual... more

Meyer's historical novel details the settling of Texas while Shavit's essay describes the Zionist settling of Israel. Both books are clear eyed attempts at exploring two important historical events free of the idealizations and myths... more

Two earler stories dealing with how we are letting the mental health industry damage our children, as well as our society and the rest of us can be found in my blog talk archives 12/3/2007 and 2/4/2008. This latest chapter is based on... more

We tell stories about our work and our play but rarely think about the difference between the two. Tonight we will define work and play and discover that for some of us we are really playing when we work and working hard when we tell... more

In the Old Testament story of Genesis we are told that God created the whole universe in six days. On the last day he created human beings, supposedly his ultimate creative masterpiece. Sometime later God issued his commandments... more

We are bombarded with books and movies about zombies, vampires, werewolves and other undead creatures that mindlessly seek human flesh and blood but can never be filled and satisfied. These creatures seem to be in some terrible... more

The Life of Pi, was for me a fine movie. In it a young man survives a shipwreck and relates his story to a reporter who would like to write about it. He tell the reporter a fantastic story of his survival in a life boat shared for much of the... more

Individuals throw tantsums to gain control in order to achieve a goal that seems out of reach. There are certain characteristics to tantrums whether thrown by children, adolescence or adults, even those in the congress of the United... more