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Stories We Live By

The Stories We Live By


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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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Let us visualize a scene in which one of our loved ones is in military service and our armed forces are directed to commit war crimes by their commander and chief. Let us create a scene in which our loved one enters a hut and there sits a... more

My story, will as usual involve social, psychological, economic and historical elements to explain the rise of what I call Trumpism and why as an American and a Jew I fear for my children, grandchildren and all of yours as well. I will call... more

A young man who while driving drunk killed four people. His defense was based on the testimony of a psychologist that the man was not responsible for his actions because he suffered a mental defect or disorder. The disorder, which... more

Tonight we discuss climate change and the science that studies the greenhouse effect and the changes it has created and still might be bringing to our planet and our way of life. We will tell the story of how scientists all over the world... more

Three bills backed by the National Rifle Association may very well be passed by Florida Republican legislatures and signed by Rick Scott, Governor. The first would make it much harder to convict individuals of murder if their defense is... more

Tonight we will discuss the competing philosophies shaping education. In short, whose story and what factors shape educational philosophy, curriculum, and pedagogy in our schools and colleges. We will touch on the stories created by... more

Today's episode begins with a story in the news about a teacher who resigned from teaching because "I can't stand to make children cry anymore" and because she could not tolerate the idea that her own child would have to attend... more

Each of us as individuals and as groups may decide that it is too painful or dangerous to share important parts of our story. What is unspoken cannot be examined for facts that are incorrect or assumptions that that are faulty. Serious... more

Today's discussion will discuss how evolution helped create our emotions which are necessary for our individual and social survival. We will discuss love, hate, liking, pride, shame, guilt, fear, boredom, anxiety and any others that come up... more