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Stories We Live By

The Stories We Live By


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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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David Mitchell has written a brilliantly prophetic and insightful novel about how we human beings, in our search for power, wealth and the good life, coupled with our capacity to morally justify our methods as well as deny the destructive... more

I have long been interested in the degree of hatred directed at Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton. It is not argued that fault cannot be found with their characters, (as with any of us as human beings) or that their political principals... more

I relate today's story with the admission that I will lack any resemblance of objectivity and scientific neutrality in my broadcast. There is bias in any story told by human beings, including those that attempt scientific objectivity. The... more

The characters in my story will include a white policeman who shoots a black man who has been pulled over for a broken tail light in a place called Minnesota. It also speaks of a crowd in Dallas protesting the shooting of the man... more

We live by certain stories that make it inevitable that we will continue to destroy our environment and with it our food supply and the civilization that makes life worth living. These stories and myths suggest that while we are in and on our... more

Individuals and groups that morally justify the killing of innocent people live by stories that have certain commonalities. These story elements derive, in part, from our evolutionary heritage and include a strong belief in tribalism, the role of the... more

Another act of horror and barbarism in the endless history of human beings slaughtering other human beings seen as less than human and not deserving of life. We will all mourn and wait in fear for the next horror while failing to accept... more

As our poltical parties ossify and become rigid, as the wealthy control information, as religious and poltical ideology dominate reasoned discourse and debate and as an individual such as Donald Trump reach for the Presidency of our country... more

Let us visualize a scene in which one of our loved ones is in military service and our armed forces are directed to commit war crimes by their commander and chief. Let us create a scene in which our loved one enters a hut and there sits a... more