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Campaign to Stop the Silence against sexual abuse and promote awareness about social issues that affect our society. At Stop The Silence we overcome these obstacles through open discussion. Join us.

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On today's show we're going to discuss Incest, molestation and generational curses and how they affect our families, and the lives of those we love. Today's guest on the show will be up and coming Author Tia Williams to discuss her... more

What makes us so angry? What can drive someone to the point of murder, then suicide? Belcher shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins multiple times at their home on Saturday. Soon after, he drove to the Kansas Chiefs practice... more

On November 20, 2012. A mothers life was changed forever. The unthinkable took place. A 13 year old girl murdered her 2 year old sister. Stabbed in the heart 7 times, she was defenseless and lost her life in the most tragic way. Let's... more

Is "No child left behind" helping or hurting our children. If voters approve the charter school initiative on the Nov. 6 ballot, many questions remain about what it means for local students. Several local superintendents say they need some... more

On today's show we will be discussing abortion and the reasons women choose to abort. Special guest Pro life activist, Dr. Alveda King is going to be on to discuss the dangers of abortion.

On today's show we are discussing women and how some have a tendency to turn a blind eye to bad relationships for the sake of money, love, family or what ever other fear they may have of losing their relationship. How do we begin to... more

On today's show we are discussing Rape, Incest Rape and Child Molestation. Lets talk about how these gruesome acts affect victims as children and/ or now as adults. After so many years, why are people still so quick to sweep this subject... more

On today's show we are discussing Tameka Raymond and her recent custody case with ex-husband Usher Raymond and losing her children to him after mourning the very recent loss of her son, Kyle. Is Usher right for taking... more

Here at Stop the Silence Radio we speak out against childhood sexual abuse. Being a victim of any kind of abuse is a reason to speak up and a reason to encourage others to speak out. We want all of our callers and listeners to tell... more

On today's show were speaking with Shayla T. about her story of sexual abuse in her home and how it changed her life. On Stop the Silence Radio we speak out against childhood sexual abuse. Being a victim of any kind of abuse is a reason... more