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The Politics Of This World Is Enmity Against GOD!

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Stop The Killing-Start The Bui

Stop The Killing-Start The Bui


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In the name of the everlasting Father, He that causes all that exist to exist.

I hear a lot of people talking harshly about the people who are not registered to vote. I am a registered voter and I believe that as so-called citizens of this country we should at least register. But I believe I should choose weather I want to vote or not in this election or any upcoming elections. I'm not against voting because if voting is done fairly in any given situation then the majority should rule. I am against the political corruption in America and throughout the world. Some people say you should vote no matter what because Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr  and others gave up blood, sweat, and tears, some even gave their lives so we could have the right to vote. I salute those great men and women and I stand on the shoulders of those great men and women. I just have a different intrepretation on what they were trying to convey to us. During that time we didn't have a choice on where we could sit on the bus, eat at any restaurant, use any restroom, shop at any store, or sit where we want to at any theater or concert. Today we choose to sit where we want to on any bus, etc., etc. When it comes to voting we shouldn't be locked into the mind set that we MUST vote even when we don't see a candidate that won't serve the interest of Black people. That's like having Satan and the Devil running and one is a democrate and the other is a republican. I guess we got to vote anyway, Nawwwwwwwwwwwwww!