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Stop the Gridlock in Congress


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Q:How can we stop the gridlock in Congress? A: Replace them all !!! Join the conversation

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How can we STOP the GRIDLOCK in Congress? Replace them ALL!!!! Join the conversation. Who will you choose to replace your Senator(s) and Representative(s)? Express your frustration with the politics in DC. How can Congress work together despite differences in ideology? Learn the TRUTH about what is really happening in Washington. What's the source of news and information you trust the most? Is there a place for God in politics, after all His Name is mentioned in all major political platforms? Are you tired of voting for the lesser of two evils? Should we send people to Congress who will speak truth to power, love mercy, pursue justice and walk humbly before God? Can we talk about this? Tune in 8pm-10pm Mon thru Friday on blogtalkradio.com starting 10/21/13
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Over the next 4 years the number of eligible Latino voters Nationwide is projected to increase by more than 4 million. More than 90% of Hispanics under 18 are US citizens and about 800,000 of them turn 18 and become eligible to vote every... more

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The Government Accounting Office conducted the first audit of the Federal Reserve since it's inception in 1913. The findings, according to Forbes.com., "verify that over 16 Trillion was allocated to Corporations and Banks... more

This is about a self fulfilling prophecy written in the Congressional record 20 years before it actually happened.

Armed with 55 independent studies taken in the US, with more than 20,000 mostly Christian participants found that White Christians discriminate against others who are different from them - blacks and minorities says Carl Marziali. Carl... more

Statistically speaking if you are female, religious, never married, poor with one or more children you are most likely to decide to have an abortion for an unintented pregnacy, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Overall the rate of abortions... more

3.3 million people earned 7.25 or less last year, according to yahoo.com. At the moment, the federal government offers virtually no help to the 3.8 million Americans who have been out of work for at least six months,... more

The Brookings Institute sums it up in a May 10, 2013 report. Even assuming high turnout rates and 2012 Republican voting margins for whites, they can not win unless they peel off more votes among minorities. If Tea Party... more

"Just as mass incarceration has burdened American Taxpayers in major prison states, so is the use of inmate labor contributing to lost jobs, unemployment and decreased wages among woorkers - while corporate profits soar," says Alex... more

"Here in the United States, our high level of income inequality corresponds with 883,914 unnecessary deaths each year." According to the CDC tobacco, including second hand smoke, causes approximately 480,000 deaths every year and in... more