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Stop the Gridlock in Congress


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Q:How can we stop the gridlock in Congress? A: Replace them all !!! Join the conversation

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How can we STOP the GRIDLOCK in Congress? Replace them ALL!!!! Join the conversation. Who will you choose to replace your Senator(s) and Representative(s)? Express your frustration with the politics in DC. How can Congress work together despite differences in ideology? Learn the TRUTH about what is really happening in Washington. What's the source of news and information you trust the most? Is there a place for God in politics, after all His Name is mentioned in all major political platforms? Are you tired of voting for the lesser of two evils? Should we send people to Congress who will speak truth to power, love mercy, pursue justice and walk humbly before God? Can we talk about this? Tune in 8pm-10pm Mon thru Friday on blogtalkradio.com starting 10/21/13
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In 2009, an estimated 1.5 million Americans filed for bankruptcy. The overwhelming majority of those filing bankruptcy were middle income, highly educated, owned a home, married, with children, around 44 years old and... more

Tonight's show...the word "tyranny" is a dangerous word to use to describe President Obama or this government. According to Rasmussen's telephone survey, 65% of American adults think the purpose of the second amendment is... more

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We have a moral dilemma in this country coming from both major political parties. How can Christian Republicans despise the poor and Christian Democrats hail the LGBT community? Especially since the Biblical narrative runs contrary to both... more

Micheal Swift published the Homosexual Manifesto, an essay on the homosexual revolution, over 15 years ago in June of 1998. Already we see today many if not all of the predictions have been accomplished. eg. All laws banning... more

The Supreme Court gave the EPA legal authority to regulate green house gas and other emissions under the Clean Air Act. As a result President George Bush took action ahead of Congress by using Executive Orders to regulate gas... more

In the State of the Union address, Pres Bush, announced his "Twenty in Ten" goal to cut U.S. gasoline consumption by 20% over the next ten years. (2007-2017). Likewise with Pres Obama, Congress did not like the proposals in the SOTU... more