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This season we'll talk with wardens, politicians, City leaders, The Nay sayer's, Mayor's, and most importantly YOU...and talk about things not anyone wants to talk about - Recidivism, Racism, Juvenile Justice and the corruption of the Justice system, Black LIVES matter?? of course but so do all other lives... that is just a few of the topics.....See, We scream for change but fail to admit change is necessary....Before Change can occur we must first acknowledge that change is needed. People say we..as a "Nation" are OKAY....NO we are far from okay....Justice has become deaf, blind and dumb. We lock people up to punish instead of correct...We shove people into rehabs but don't change their thinking...We tell ourselves that if we ignore ...maybe whatever it is will go away... it NEVER does... it gets worse. Join us as Matthew and his team take on tough guests, ask the tough questions and will demand straight answers. Call in or just listen LIVE during the show -- listen LIVE through Facebook, our website, or Blogtalkradio's worldwide network Join us every Mon at 8pm CST on "Skin DEEP Theology"

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Our show is being boycotted, and what we've found out is ...Don't argue with an Ugly person, they have nothing to lose! Well, in the imortal words of Mel Gibson "I'm goin to peck a fight!!" because one does not simply boycott US! On... more

This week on the show LIVE Monday night @8pm CST- Why Hillary is a disaster for the American People - Progressive Democrat???? Uh, we don't think so, You can't be a pro-war, pro-big business, pro-arms sales, pro-death penalty,... more

Skin DEEP Theology, Talk radio that gets under your skin in a good way!! - Tonight LIVE @8pm CST we are talking - The Unwinding of America: Why we ain't so great anymore! Why are we the most racist country in the World, why... more

On this week's show - D/vided States of America: The Mathematics of Racism - Um, what happened to those oh so great and wonderful sounding words of Emma Lazarus penned in 1883 that are now engraved in the pedestal of the Statue of... more

Skin DEEP Theology - Where we aim to get under your skin ....In a good WAY!! On this weeks show - We are taking on another Radio host and his team in a LIVE Political debate - Who's best fit for the Oval Office. You might be... more

Tonight on the show - We are living in a Country where the Overcriminalization of Citizens has proven to be a 70 Billion Dollar failed experiment. Yet, our Civic Action Groups like the Black LIES...oops we mean Lives Matter Movement wants... more

Skin DEEP Theology - Talk radio that gets under your skin....In a Good way!! Tonight LIVE - Trump, Clinton the WAR is ON!! and then we continue our series on OverCriminalized: America's Criminal Justice System EXPOSED. The... more

Skin DEEP Theology - Talk Radio that gets under your skin....in a GOOD way!! Oh and boy are we gonna do JUST that with this subject! 1 out of 3 Black men will go to Jail before the age of 23. America has 4% of the world's... more

Skin DEEP Theology - Talk radio that gets under your skin!! This is PART 3 of our month long series Black VS Blue: America's new War - after a techy glitch from last week that prevented him from coming on... the show kicks off with... more

Skin DEEP Theology - Talk radio that gets under your skin!! Part 2 of our month long series Black VS Blue: America's new War - kicks off with National Radio Host, Bestselling Author and Right Wing Activist Rev. Jesse Lee... more