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The 2 Cats Just Choppin It Up are Co-Hosts Stevie J, International MBA, and Walt Dog, International Teamster, team up and discuss the week in politics, from a working-class point of view. They want to see everyone get involved in the politics that affect them and take action to make their voices heard by their elected officials who are in office to serve all constituents, not simply the most wealthy and connected. They want to help listeners to do 3 things: 1) Become aware of the issues that affect them, 2) 2) Become concerned about those issues and finally 3) Get involved in making sure that they take local action to insure that their interests are being respected and protected by elected officials at both the local and national level.

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9pmEST @PowertalkwithOg w @ogcuicide1 @DJMany @marteeeen @Tyler_Star 619-566-0942 WE will have artist from the west coast & the Midewest. A very reknown Dj. Also an aurthor of books that regard the music industry.

WaltDog and Stevie J will chop it up on these 3 stories: 1) Detroit is Groud-Zero, a fault line in our politics in the US and maybe Globally. Is Government supposed to serve its citizens or corporations? 2) Follow the Money: Why is it that,... more

WaltDog and Stevie J will chop it up on these 3 stories: 1)Israeli airstrikes on Gaza: Citizens are suffering on both side but we are being subjected to middle east coverage is distorted which is unfortunate. WaltDog and I will talk about... more

Stevie J welcomes Film Maker, World Traveler and Natural Mystic, Edward Alexander Lewis III to the 'In The Artist's Own Words' show. Eddie hails from LA's mean streets and joined the Navy at 21. He has traveled all over the... more

1st up: World Premier Track: "Nothing Nice" produced by Diesel with bars of fire by Krispy k, codeen & Yung shad. Available to download for free on soundcloud @ ?diesel productions." On Deck: Today's unsigned hype and On-Deck... more

Please join my conversation with, Medearis Dixon, 19-year-old jazz musician who has played music for 10 years but professionally for 5 years. Medearis plays 13 different instruments, but specialize in piano and saxophone, his main sax is the... more

Join Stevie J and Walt Dog as we chop it up about the Right-leaning Supreme Court and 3 of ther recent decisions. The Supreme Court ruling on Thursday that invalidated three appointments made by President Obama to the National Labor... more

This week was an improved show with WaltDog and Stevie J going off on how our collective mentality is not where it needs to be in order for us to move forward. The OG Mack Drama stops by and chops it up with us and talks about his... more

Today's music is different for the 60's, 70's and event the 80's. That is clear but how and why is it different and what are today's youth missing out on, if anything. Omar and Stevie J will talk about it and you can listen in and call in if you have... more

This week's show will focus on the latest round of punditry that has the same people who cheered on the Iraq war debacle the first time around giving their opinions on what to do now. Also, there have been a disturbing number of... more