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Your host, Steven Streight, online evangelist and Bible teacher, presents sermons on topics the churches of America tend to avoid.

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Examining Psalm 55 we see how a believer can be confident and calm, even in difficult and depressing situations. Thank God we have records in the Bible of godly individuals struggling with issue that plague us too. It's vital that we study... more

Did you know that God laughs? Can you conceive of a God who has humor? Have you ever considered how some of the sayings of Jesus Christ are funny? Spirituality is not something silly, it's very serious, but there are some comical... more

A New York Times Book Review article by Leszek Kolakowski states that it's impossible for God to be happy, because He is Spirit. Theologicans have historically "reverenced" God out of human experience, theorizing that the... more

The Bible tells us to believe in God, to love Him, and to trust Him. This is easy to do when things are going well, when we have smooth sailing, when we go from victory to victory. What about when things go badly, no matter how much we... more

Psalm 37 contains great inspiration for those who feel exhausted and depressed by the transient success of wicked people, including atheists. The God hater and God rejector may strut around now, but suddenly, without warning and without... more

How do you know if you are a real born again, saved Christian? How can you tell if others are real or fake Christians? While only God can fully judge a person's heart, there are clues in a person's life that indicates if they are genuine or... more

Is there a point at which a Christian is so worldly, his witness has no credibility? Is worldliness different for each Christian individual, or are there dress codes, music restrictions, and behavioral rules that can be established on a Biblical... more

Ephesians states that we fight not against human flesh, but against spiritual wickedness "in high places". What are these "high places"? Are they some vague, ethereal, celestial sphere floating above the earthly plane? Or are these "high... more

False religion says we must work our way into heaven, that we must be more good than bad to have eternal life. This error in doctrine negates the whole point of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. The life of Jesus is what we are to... more

Atheists cannot think correctly. Their excuses for rejecting God are lies. They tend to hate God and if you confront them with the true basis of their unbelief, they will become angry with you. Here's how to deal with all this nonsense.
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