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Sermon 120 "Jesus Christ the End Times Warrior"

  • Broadcast in Christianity



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Today, our American embassies are under attack in the Middle East. Our ambassador in Libya was murdered the other day. The Arab Spring seems to have been more about radical extremists than "democracy".

We can be angry, fearful, or frustrated as we see all this chaos and violence. Some may look to their "leaders" to provide answers and solutions. Others may stick their heads in the sand, get drunk or high, or watch HBO (it's free this week for la la landers), and try to forget what a mess the world is in.

Christian believers can rejoice. The darker this world gets, the brighter we shine, and the more love we feel for our Saviour. We trust in Him, no matter what happens in the world.

It looks like we are racing toward the End Times, when God will finally deal with this sinful, evil world. If we are approaching the Last Days of this current world system, our Lord will be coming to take us to heaven, then returning with us and the holy angels to wage war on the devil's kingdom and military powers.

Good news: Jesus Christ will defeat all His enemies and the enemies of Israel.

The devil and his wicked domination and deception system will be destroyed permanently and will never again harm any living beings.

Now we must praise God, share our faith, be thankful, and remain strong in love and prayer.