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Sermon 80 "God is Emotional"

  • Broadcast in The Bible



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How can you connect with God, on an intimate level, if you think He has no feelings?

"God is Spirit", Jesus said. When theologians add, "...and a Spirit has no emotions like humans do." they are merely speculating. 

Theologians invent pseudo-scholarly  terms like "divine impassibility" to refer to the alleged impossibility of God to feel pain or pleasure.

Is the theology of an insensitive, emotionless God a hoax to enable theologians to go off on cold, dry tangents and complexities?

We base our understanding of God, not on theologians, but on God's Word, the Bible. 

In the Old Testament, we read about God's wrath, remorse, and tender love for His people and for all sentient creatures.

Jesus, the perfect picture of God in the flesh, was troubled in spirit, went ballistic on the money changers, and even was seen crying a few times.

It's clear that God does have something similar to human emotions, not based on sin or imperfection like many of ours are, but based on His nature as God.

Discover how the emotional qualities of God -- and how this reality brings us closer to Him.